Telecommunication technologies for companies

Companies can use telecommunication technologies to increase their efficiency and develop new business models. This is the market where our Communications Business Line is positioned.

Communication technology – not only between humans but also machines – is a critical enabler for technological progress. Communication between machines, in particular, is on the increase thanks to the ubiquity of mobile data services. Machine-to-machine communication, the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 have become established features of our daily lives, and this trend will intensify as automation becomes even more widespread.

Materna is expanding its communication portfolio beyond basis technologies to include further application areas such as telcos, banking & finance, retail, payment, transport & logistics and government. Our customers include telecommunications companies and MVNOs, financial institutes, rail operators, retailers, transport companies and local authorities in Germany and across Europe. We specialize in solutions for M2M communication, for example in the vending machine sector.