Helping companies to implement their digital transformations

Cloud, mobile, social and big data are changing the way society is evolving. They also make it possible to develop completely new business processes and models in the internet. More and more frequently, companies are deploying innovative IT solutions to communicate and interact with their customers and staff via digital channels. Modern IT solutions have to be able to adapt quickly to changing demands and are defined as Systems of Engagement. With our “Digital Enterprise” Business Line, we are positioning ourselves right at the heart of this market as a full service provider.

Materna works as an enabler for new business models for our customers. Whether it is for an internet portal or for a brand or corporate site, a collaboration or intranet solution for international communication, online learning, e-commerce solutions or a platform for after sales service, as a full service provider Materna delivers everything for the digital enterprise from one source, from developing the digital strategy and implementation to operations based on market leading technologies. Our customers include both B2C and B2B companies as well as agencies for digital marketing and media enterprises.

Our solutions for Workforce Excellence

Germany is a country of knowledge workers and engineers. While engineering work is still being carried out in Germany, production and service have spread out all over the world. Companies have to be interesting for young and specialised staff and prove their worth in the war of talents. In this context it is necessary to offer flexible employment models as well as models for mobile employment. That means more and more companies are changing over from classic company structures to a culture of sharing, of participation and involvement. With our solutions for Workforce Excellence we help companies to gain, retain and train their staff.

Our solutions for Sales & Marketing

Customers are less and less prepared to accept any inconsistencies and breakdowns between companies’ value propositions and their sense of values. Consumers increasingly communicate their positive and negative experiences via social networks and review portals. Positive customer experiences are an essential requirement for achieving strong customer loyalty. And the basis for that is professional IT solutions for Sales & Marketing. With our internet-based solutions for sales and marketing we can help you to digitalize your sales channels, to win new customers and to strengthen their bonds to your company.

Our solutions for After Sales Services

Materna has gained a lot of specific knowledge about optimising specialist processes in after sales service, for example, for high maintenance, complex and high value technology products. The economy is undergoing a serious paradigm shift. Processes are changing due to the increasing integration and networking of intelligent products. Digitalization and smart services are also on the up and new opportunities for cooperations and business models are being created in many different areas. Our experts help after sales service organisations on both the technical and process sides to prepare for the requirements these developments entail and to leverage their potential.