We are the “enablers” for the IT Factory

IT organisations face the challenge of having to take care of both classic IT systems (systems of records) and modern IT systems (systems of engagement) in parallel, while controlling them both in a uniform way. That is why IT organisations need an effective IT control centre to keep overall control of how they deliver services. Our “IT Factory” Business Line is an expert partner for setting up and running IT factories in companies and public organisations.

It is accepted that information technology – including its development and working methods – is now measured against the tried and tested approaches prevalent in manufacturing: the production industry has succeeded in developing methods which utilize high levels of standardisation and automation, making it possible to achieve consistent levels of quality while maintaining low unit prices. These virtues can also be transferred to delivering IT services and now contribute towards many concepts in IT in the form of the IT factory. Customers and internal user departments can now order well-defined services with clear conditions based on transparent performance indicators.

Implementing an IT factory includes all the aspects of strategy and design, from automated provisioning and monitoring to the dynamic adaptation of IT services based on a defined service catalogue. Nowadays, the IT Factory’s level of vertical integration means many things are possible: IT organisations can produce services themselves or procure components externally, such as software as a service, infrastructure as a service or integratable components.

Consulting services and technology for the IT Factory

Materna delivers the advice and the technology for setting up and running your IT Factory. This is based on products from our strategic partners BMC, HP, IBM, Microsoft and ServiceNow in the fields of cloud lifecycle management with automation, monitoring, IT service management and IT infrastructure security. We then enhance these with our own consulting and implementation services as well as our own products (DX-Union). Our services put our customers in a position to control their IT factory in the best possible way, so that the control centre, automation and monitoring all interact perfectly with each other. Materna delivers the consulting services and technological means to achieve the best possible production control for cloud-oriented IT resources.

Our services at a glance

  • Process and architecture advice for IT organisations
  • Technological implementations in complex environments
  • Introducing processes in the IT organisation
  • Managing IT services