Working at Materna

As a company with flat hierarchies we can get on with things independently of any corporate regulations or shareholders. In this we stay dynamic and flexible and maintain our personal company culture, which both our customers and staff experience and appreciate on a daily basis.

The strong sense of community, cooperation and the friendly atmosphere here are the overriding characteristics of working together at Materna. Professional success and interpersonal relationships are both considered to be important here. The people who work here are highly motivated and feel a strong commitment to the company.

The colleagues at Materna work on exciting customer projects, where every single member of the team can develop their own personal potential and can often surpass their own expectations. This leads to that special feeling which goes with being a member of Materna. Working flexibly and independently are key characteristics of project work at Materna. Our customers include the “Who’s who” of German businesses and public sector organisations.

IT career at Materna – the Materna career structure model furthers IT careers

Our staff’s knowledge is one of the most important factors behind our success. Based on our personnel development strategy, we help every member of staff to develop individually, sustainably and with clear targets. Employees discuss which training and continuing education is most appropriate for them in an annual orientation and development interview with their supervisor. This is deeply embedded in the Materna career model which we use to show each member of staff how they can develop their prospects systematically by taking part in appropriate training programmes. The Materna career model ensures that each individual can further their career based on their own skills and performance and that everyone is supported according to their individual abilities and aptitudes.

Strategic personnel development and individual development and training (advanced training and continuing education) are complemented by management and organisation development programmes. Our management development ensures that new managers can quickly become familiar with their new roles and that existing managers are given long term support with their further development.

In the context of developing the organisation, regular staff surveys show whether we are still on track. Here are some of the results of last year’s staff survey: around 90 percent believe Materna provides them with a secure job and that self reliance and personal responsibility at work are structured appropriately. Almost 80 percent wish to work for Materna for more than five years.

Kick-start your IT career with us

If you have already achieved success in your working life or if you are qualified with a background in management and are looking for a new challenge, then read on!

We employ experienced staff and graduates e.g. as consultants, developers, software architects, project managers or account managers. In the jobs section you will find the IT positions which are currently vacant. Graduates can also get off to a good start with a place on our practically-based trainee programme.

The opportunities our staff are presented with are as varied as the demands of our customers, who come from a wide range of sectors including the public sector. All our jobs have one thing in common though: they offer exciting tasks which are handled by working together in dedicated teams at our various locations or on site at the customers.

Employment as a working student

There is a long tradition of working students being employed at Materna. Many of our specialists today began their careers here as working students. We employ students – for example, people studying information technology, business information systems or related subjects – as working students or interns. We take care of and support diploma theses and project dissertations as well as bachelor and masters theses. Our aim is always to achieve long term relationships and to take people on after they have graduated.