Corporate citizenship in a family company

The fundamental principle of sustainability is firmly anchored in family companies. You can only sustain your company for future generations if you commit to achieving substantial growth. “Thinking in terms of generations, instead of in terms of quarterly results” is deeply embedded in family companies like ours.

Materna takes social responsibility seriously and plays a proactive role here, too. Our commitment is based on our individual conviction as one of the large medium-sized family companies in Germany and on our personal values. Our founders and partners Dr. Winfried Materna and Helmut an de Meulen are personally committed to supporting these projects. We are currently focussing on three key aspects.

Supporting next generation IT staff

It is important for us to take responsibility for training the next generation of young IT staff and, together with the educational institutions, to invest specifically in educational and academic research and teaching. We support projects across the board from kindergarten to university, and our staff are actively involved in this too. Enabling young people to share in the knowledge and experience of our staff is a fundamental component of our commitment. For example, we support initiatives such as Girl’s Day - girls in IT professions, Technik Begeistert e.V. and the World Robot Olympiad as well as various projects at universities.

Our apprenticeships for IT professions in our company are also of great importance. On the one hand, as an aspect of our social and overall economic responsibility, and on the other hand of course to maintain our competitiveness. We are proud to be the largest trainer for qualified IT specialists in Dortmund and the region having a transfer quote of 92 percent. Materna aims to show young people about the great opportunities IT can offer and to interest them in such sound career choices.

We are very pleased that around 20 young people start their vocational training here at Materna every year. These include various types of IT specialists and IT management assistants, but also internships for school students. We are proud that our IT apprentices always achieve very good results in their exams.

Social projects

We are regularly involved in supporting regional projects to help people who are socially and economically disadvantaged. In the year 2015, for example, our annual Christmas donation goes to komm-kids-com e.V., a Dortmund society working for more equal opportunities for children from less fortunate backgrounds. The society provides children with a stronger sense of togetherness through integration and more social balance. The volunteer helpers want to provide the children with a dependable place where they know they are appreciated and where they are offered help. That includes getting help with their homework and language skills and having lunch together as well as taking part in various games and sports activities.

Materna-Weihnachtsspende 2016 - Kinderklinik Dortmund

Materna-Weihnachtsspende 2016 - Kinderklinik Dortmund

Materna-Weihnachtsspende 2016 - Kinderklinik Dortmund

Dr. Winfried Materna and Helmut an de Meulen at the presentation of the 2015 Christmas donation cheque at komm-kids-com e.V.

Regional and cultural support

Materna has strong connections with the local region, where the company is involved in providing both cultural and economic support. For many years our founders have been in the Initiativkreis Ruhr, where representatives of leading companies in NRW meet to initiate important projects in the region, and in the pro Ruhrgebiet e.V. society which is involved in linking the different social and political strengths in the Ruhr Region.

Another example is the Klavier-Festival Ruhr – Ruhr Piano Festival – which Materna has been supporting as a sponsor for many years, bringing celebrated international performers to the region. This commitment has contributed towards the fact that every year the great masters of piano music come to the Ruhr Region to delight their audiences.