Predictive Maintenance

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More than just looking into a crystal ball

With predictive maintenance, you actively reduce downtime, minimize service requirements and increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Predictive Maintenance

Unforeseen as well as fixed maintenance intervals for vehicles and machines cost unnecessary time and money. The higher your investment in machinery was, the higher these costs will turn out to be. By investing in predictive maintenance, you can optimize internal processes in service, sales and logistics and expand and strengthen your position in national and international markets.

Learning to predict the future with predictive maintenance

Preventive maintenance causes unnecessary costs in the event of premature replacement and repair. With reactive maintenance, the damage has already occurred and customer satisfaction suffers greatly.

Predictive maintenance, on the other hand, actively helps to avoid downtimes, minimizes service requirements and simultaneously optimizes customer satisfaction within the context of support and service. Like other innovations, predictive maintenance requires special framework conditions and must be implemented directly within a company, its processes and existing infrastructure. The most important thing in this respect is to choose the necessary strategy and the appropriate tools.

Materna delivers requirement analyses, conception of a holistic solution and helps select suitable technologies. We provide integration into an existing system landscape and also take over the (cloud) managed service. Ideally, we first implement a Proof of Concept (PoC) or a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) together with you during the course of a hackathon. This PoC or MVP can then lead to an agile development process in the next step.

Starting situation

Big data analysis and artificial intelligence create transparency

Data and parameter monitoring are the foundation of a predictive maintenance solution. With the help of modern technologies, information can be used to draw conclusions about how production and design can be improved and customer service optimized through proactive action. Customer loyalty can also be increased and inventories and requirements optimally adjusted to foreseeable requirements. Data and its interpretation create new data, offer new information and thus new data. A cycle begins.

Networking and enrichment from various data sources and suppliers, such as sensors, databases, processes, states and applications, as well as their processing with state-of-the-art technologies (big data and analytics, artificial intelligence (machine learning, deep learning, etc.), provide rich possibilities and opportunities for acquiring information, which is used actively to improve and create new opportunities.

Our experts will take on the entire process for you:

  • Strategic, technical, technological and creative consulting
  • Selection of suitable tools, applications and (cloud) services
  • Implementation in your own infrastructure or on the basis of cloud technologies
  • Complete operation in your own data center or as (cloud) managed service


Benefits of predictive maintenance and Internet of Things

  • Reduce costs

    • Reduction of maintenance, downtime and production costs
    • Optimization of processes and procedures
  • Increase customer satisfaction

    • Proactive service and reduction of downtimes
    • Creation of new services
  • New business models

    • Data offers new ways to monetize and create new services.
  • Improve quality

    • Data offers the ideal starting point for optimizing the development and production of products and "things" or for improving existing processes and procedures.
  • Increase flexibility

    • Offer customers and businesses custom maintenance and offers for real-time maintenance and ("utilization" – i.e. consumption-based settlement).

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