Sending, receiving, processing electronic invoices

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Electronic Invoices

Simplify ordering processes between enterprises and authorities.

Sending, receiving, processing electronic invoices

Electronic invoices simplify the accounting processes between companies and administrations. Materna offers two different solutions.

About EU Directive 2014/55/EU

EU Directive 2014/55/EU on electronic invoicing for public contracts and the Federal Act on e-invoicing of December 1, 2016 require contracting authorities to be able to receive and process e-bills in future. The regulations will enter into force for federal ministries and constitutional bodies on November 27, 2018. Public clients are therefore advised to start corresponding projects promptly in order to be able to process electronic invoices.

Complete e-bill solution by MACH, Materna and Bundesdruckerei

MACH, Materna and Bundesdruckerei have jointly developed the concept of a completely electronic ordering and invoicing process, which is currently already possible to a certain extent on the basis of existing components. A continuous, consistent process free of media discontinuity from the request to the payment saves work and costs. This simplifies budget planning, relieves authorities of manual activities and increases efficiency. Transparent depiction also ensures that the individual steps can be traced down to the last detail, thus ensuring legal compliance. Materna is a specialist for the integration of applications and portal technologies and integrates all required applications.

Electronic invoice receipts in XRechnung format and Lucom

In future, invoices from companies to public authorities can be issued electronically in accordance with the Federal e-bill law. This means that an e-bill can be issued, transmitted and received in a structured electronic format and the format enables automatic and electronic processing of the invoice. The XRechnung format ensures the necessary interoperability.

With the e-bill solution based on the Lucom Interaction Platform® (LIP), Materna offers a standard solution for all public authorities. The invoice receipt process includes the checking, forwarding and release of e-bills and can be used immediately without lengthy introduction and integrates seamlessly into the existing IT landscape. After final approval of the process, all relevant data is transferred to the corresponding financial accounting system via an interface. Incoming invoices in XML or PDF format are transformed by a special converter via the web-based solution and shaped with configurable workflows into a completely media-consistant process.

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