IT solutions for the justice system

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IT solutions for the justice system

Our experts support you comprehensively on IT solutions from infrastructure to electronic legal transactions.

IT solutions for the justice system

As a long-standing partner of the justice administration, we support you with professional and integrated IT solutions. We are very familiar with the statutory guidelines and the technical framework conditions in the area of eJustice.

Electronic legal transactions

Electronic legal transactions for communication in accordance with (Capital Equity Ordinance)

The "Law on the Promotion of Electronic Legal Transactions with the Courts" of October 10, 2013 has created the legal basis for electronic communication with the judiciary system. From January 1, 2022 at the latest, electronic legal transactions must be used with binding effect. As of January 1, 2018, access to the courts must be possible via secure transmission channels, such as De-Mail, special electronic lawyer's mailbox and special electronic public authority mailbox.

Secure infrastructures and registration services such as SAFE (Secure Access to Federated e-Justice/e-Government) provide applications with secure electronic identities (eIDs) for individuals and organizations and support communication in the electronic court and administrative mailbox.

Materna supports the judiciary system in the use of IT-technical standards for electronic business processing, designs, develops and integrates the associated specialist procedures and thus ensures process design without media discontinuity.

E-files and DMS

Document management with electronic process support

Materna implements strategic projects for document management and electronic process handling. We advise and support the administration of justice in the implementation of statutory guidelines. This includes the organizational concept of e-administration or DOMEA, the technical guideline for long-term storage TR-ESOR, the law on electronic legal relations with the courts and the e-government law. We combine our know-how with a targeted selection of products from market-leading partners and offer our own standard and user-oriented solution modules such as the eFile basic package and CMIS-X Explorer integration. Materna implements professional IT and specialist projects for the public administration on the basis of the individually best-possible overall solution at federal, state and municipal levels.

We assist you in the selection, design, implementation, integration and introduction of document management systems and electronic files. The orientation towards standards and the use of the latest technologies ensure the necessary interoperability and implementation of individual compliance requirements. This allows documents and related data to be organized, researched, made available and archived. Materna integrates these solutions into specialist procedures specific to the authorities and implements integrated solutions with end-to-end processes.

Specialist procedures

Expert solutions for complex eJustice projects

Specialist procedures support the administration of justice in its daily work. The complex, department-specific tasks of the administration of justice can only be efficiently implemented electronically. Materna is highly specialized in the planning, conception and development of individual judicial processes and successfully implements them with professional project management and sophisticated procedural models. We accompany the projects from the specification of requirements to conception and development to the successful rollout and are also available for regular ongoing further development. Our project managers have the decisive soft skills and lead even complex major projects to success. We implement specialist applications based on XÖV standards using all common technologies such as SOA, .NET, Java, JEE, BPM and Open Source.

Online forms

Intelligent forms management

Intelligent online forms support business and administrative processes from entry to integration into specialist processes and the eFile. Materna implements forms management solutions at federal and state level in which browser-based online forms are an important communication medium for citizens, businesses and administration. A forms management system can be used wherever online services and interactive input options are to be made available and once recorded data is to be used consistently for further processing steps.

Internet and Intranet solutions

Professional web presences and individual intranet solutions

The use of the Internet presence depends to a large extent on the attractiveness, professionalism and stability of the offer. Internet solutions implemented with Government Site Builder, the federal government's content management solution, support the central aspects of a web presence. Web 2.0 functions and responsive design for use on mobile devices are therefore standard features of Government Site Builder. The BITV Assistant supports editors in implementing accessible web offerings. Materna supports public authorities from strategy consulting and process design to the development and maintenance of customer-specific adaptations in the development and operation of Internet and Intranet solutions.

IT management and IT strategy

From management objective to IT infrastructure and IT service management

Materna provides advice on the development of an IT strategy that is oriented towards the requirements of the Federal Administration of Justice. For example, interoperability, uniform standards and compliance with the legal framework are taken into account. We develop transferable concepts, benefit and added value arguments, as well as the underlying technology architecture and consider all aspects from the administrative goal to the infrastructure.

One of our core competencies is IT service management. Our expertise is based on several hundred successfully completed customer projects. We are very familiar with the ITIL standard.

With increasing networking, the security requirements in administration are becoming more stringent. Our topics are EU GDPR, basic IT Baseline Protection, IT risk management, IT emergency management and data protection, ISO 27001 and ISIS12.

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