Electronic case files

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Electronic case file solutions

Everything from flexible document management systems to a complete professional solution for processing electronic case files and procedures.

Electronic case files

Materna implements strategic projects from document management to electronic procedure handling and cooperations. These are based on our own solutions as well as technologies from leading manufacturers.

Focus on Agenda 2020 and online accessibility legislation

The e-file is considered to be the most important topic within the context of digitalizing and modernizing public sector administrations in line with the federal government’s Agenda 2020. The latest federal and state e-government laws together with the Online Accessibility Law (OZG) are setting the pace here. Materna and their subsidiary INFORA have been dealing successfully with the challenges of digitalisation by deploying their solutions and strategies which cover everything from standardised interfaces, the use of electronic identities and the new personal identity card for citizens’ accounts, to the use of chatbots to facilitate communication between citizens and public sector bodies.

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