Forms management solutions for public administration

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Media-consistent Forms Management

Intelligent electronic forms support a better communication between citizens, companies and the public sector.

Forms management solutions for public administration

Nowadays, citizens want to be able to deal with their administrative affairs conveniently online, irrespective of opening hours. Materna helps government agencies turn paper forms into web-based forms.

Optimized administration processes

Intelligent electronic forms support communication between citizens, companies and administration in many application scenarios, be it for a police clearance certificate, an Internet transit declaration to customs or an application for access to Stasi documents. Thanks to media-consistent forms management processes, such services can be used online around the clock.

State-of-the-art forms management systems do more than simply process electronic paper forms. Structured or semi-structured data is recorded in a user-friendly, interactive and transaction-secured manner. Web-based forms applications support business processes from input to output.

Integrated plausibility checks ensure high data integrity and speed up processing. Integration into existing specialist processes creates the prerequisite for the use of automated workflows. Self-services provide a convenient response channel and reduce shipping costs.

Benefits and added values

Process optimization with forms management

  • Simplified and accelerated business and administrative processes
  • Effective processing of standard and mass cases
  • Increased data consistency through intelligent checking
  • High user acceptance through easy handling and high security
  • Simple integration through open architecture
  • Quick amortization
  • Mobile applicability

Materna’s services

All services from a single source

  • Design tool for creating XML-based forms with little programming knowledge
  • Ensuring data quality and a smooth workflow through intelligent input management and plausibility checks
  • Management of data in a central database as well as by forwarding to connected specialist procedures
  • Dedicated output management for appropriate output and transfer formats of the collected data
  • Materna relies on the Lucom Interaction Platform® (LIP) from its partner Lucom GmbH as the application basis for the basic component FMS for the federal administration.
  • Materna offers 'Nintex Forms' solutions in the SharePoint environment especially for Microsoft environments.


Diverse partner landscape

Our partners are Bundesdruckerei, Governikus, IT.NRW, ITZBund, Lucom, NINTEX and Proximity.

Lucom: The Lucom Interaction Platform is the technological basis with which Materna and its partner Proximity successfully implement complex forms for electronic communication between public authorities, businesses and citizens in the federal and state administration. For this purpose, framework agreements have been concluded with the ITZBund and IT.NRW, for example.

MACH and Bundesdruckerei: Materna, MACH and Bundesdruckerei have developed a joint concept for a fully-comprehensive electronic ordering and billing process. The drivers for this are the EU Directive 2014/55/EU on electronic invoicing for public contracts and the federal national e-bill law of December 2016. The regulations will enter into force for federal ministries and constitutional bodies on November 27, 2018. Public clients are therefore advised to start corresponding projects promptly in order to be able to process electronic invoices.

Federal information management (FIM)

Federal information management (FIM)

Lucom Interaction Platform (LIP) follows the standards of the federal information management (FIM). FIM standardises data fields which are thus universally usable. In that way, FIM simplifies the transfer of digital public administration services.

  • Simple import via drag & drop of a FIM master data schema
  • Data model transfer
  • Template-based generation of a simple layout
  • Provision as a regular LIP form: just publish and use immediately
  • Export via XFall (XÖV-certified)



Selected forms management references

  • Federal Ministry of Finance
  • Federal Office of Justice - specialist procedure OLAF
  • German Emissions Trading Authority (DEHSt) in the German Environment Agency
  • General Directorate of Customs (GZD)

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