Knowledge management

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Knowledge Management

Making knowledge accessible, improving collaboration and generating value added for employees.

Knowledge management

Valuable knowledge and experience of employees are the basis for successful work. Materna's knowledge management solutions enable government agencies to leverage knowledge and create value for all employees. Materna has many years of experience in the fields of knowledge management and collaboration as well as content management, document management, archiving and portals. Numerous customers from administration and business already rely on the expertise of our Microsoft-certified SharePoint specialists.

Avoid losing knowledge!

Demographic change is not stopping at public administration either. As a result, valuable knowledge is sometimes lost. For many administrations it is becoming an increasing challenge to preserve the knowledge of departing employees and to transform "brain knowledge" into available knowledge. At the same time, existing knowledge cannot be used by all employees, as it is hidden in IT systems and difficult to find.


Add-In by Materna

With Materna's knowledge management solutions, you can leverage hidden knowledge, make it accessible to all employees on the intranet and optimize information distribution and processing. This is made possible with Materna's add-in for Microsoft Office and SharePoint. Materna's solution links an intranet based on SharePoint with the Microsoft Dynamics platform. Knowledge database articles are fed in here and thus made searchable.

Use case 1

Active distribution of information with read confirmation

Important information, which, for example, results from changes in legal regulations or regulations, can be acknowledged by the user by means of a button. This enables the organization to transparently track who has already taken note of the new information.

Use case 2

Proactive information request

Every employee can actively search for information in a knowledge database via the intranet. If the user does not find what he is looking for, he can submit a ticket and request the responsible department to provide the missing information. The department then develops the relevant information, e.g. collaboratively using SharePoint, and also stores it there, for example as a Word document with version control and approval mechanism. Finally, a knowledge article is derived from the document, published in the knowledge database and is available to all employees. The SharePoint document continues to exist.

Collaboration improves the daily work in authorities

Microsoft SharePoint enables an improved organization-wide, location-independent collaboration. Working in teams, in so-called team sites and in project rooms, the exchange of information between employees and the joint processing of documents – also across department and location boundaries – increases the productivity and efficiency of employees.

With SharePoint and xRM, Microsoft provides a platform that can use both cloud-based and "on-premise" services and thus forms an optimal basis for topics such as corporate intranets and social collaboration.

Intranet and collaboration consulting package

With the help of our consulting package "Intranet and collaboration" you combine central information distribution with decentralized teamwork in one platform, simplify project collaboration and optimize electronic collaboration in your public authority organization. Our experts look at the distribution of information and knowledge, the availability of information, user acceptance, the culture of public authorities, project cooperation, previous efficiency and the integration of intranet and collaboration. Together with you, we develop a vision of how Intranet and collaboration work together successfully.

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