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Your partner for Telecommunications

We are specialized in individual telecommunications services.


Drawing on many years of experience, we offer telecommunications companies and service providers tailored advice on the topics of billing, building and operating MVNO networks and product rationalization.

The telecommunications sector has enjoyed rapid growth in recent years, and has a huge influence on many aspects of our day-to-day lives. We specialize in business process optimization and the technology behind complex telecommunications projects. Among our client base are several leading telecommunications companies.

Services for telco consulting and implementation Services for telco consulting and implementation


Advice on billing and revenue assurance

Are you thinking of scrapping your BSS platform, replacing the CRM system or introducing new services? We advise mobile and fixed-line network operators, cable network providers and MVNOs on building, operating and migrating their business support systems for end customer management and billing, wholesale billing, cost allocation and revenue sharing. We also take care of integration with external systems like provisioning middleware, IVR, CRM, web server, payment systems, DWH and more. Take advantage of our professional consulting and project coordination, and optimize your time-to-market.

Our services encompass: formulating technical requirements, guiding the RFQ process, individualized software development (e.g. connection of the billing interface to a service platform and the BSS mediation system), project support during platform migration, supplier management, outsourcing (managed BSS), connection to payment systems, connection to external service platforms and customer interface (e.g. IVR, web), data analysis, reports and revenue assurance.


Advice on building and operating an MVNO

Which market segment are you planning to align your MVNO towards? Is it worth switching to full MVNO? We guide MVNO start-ups through the process of defining their architecture, selecting their system and identifying the most fitting business model, and then assist them during system migration. We also develop middleware to support the integration of MVNOs with host network operators and interconnection partners. Take advantage of our professional consulting and project coordination and optimize your time-to-market, precision-aligning your business processes to the chosen market segment.

We specialize in strategic market analysis and specification of the target market, product definition and market access (distribution), competitor analysis and pricing, formulating technical requirements, guiding the RFQ process, individualized software development, project support during platform migration, supplier management, outsourcing of network operation and managed BSS, and connection to payment systems.


Advising on product rationalization in the telecom industry

When they’ve been around for a decade or more, fixed-line operators, mobile network operators and MVNOs end up accumulating large numbers of depreciated products which they are obliged to maintain for a small number of loyal, long-term customers. The product platform is often obsolete, while legacy products may rely on the knowledge of a diminishing number of individuals.

Materna supports network operators and MVNOs seeking to simplify their product catalogues by retiring outdated products, identifying replacement products and designing a smooth migration process for affected customers. We apply our own tried-and-tested, standard procedure.

We specialize in product analysis (affected platforms, operation costs, dependencies with other products), customer analysis (which subscribers are using the legacy product, segmentation according to use cases, sales channel and sales volume), analysis of remaining subscriptions, design for equivalence products, cost analysis, RFI/RFQ, managing implementation, migration campaign planning and management, project management for special cases and project management for deactivation of the legacy product.

The cost of migration amounts to just a fraction of the annual operating costs saved by discontinuing your less profitable legacy products, and our approach minimizes the risk of churn – in other words, it helps to protect your revenues. We help you to cut costs, simplify your product portfolio and minimize the risk of downtime caused by obsolete platforms.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT consulting

Plant machinery and equipment manufacturers, but also instrumentation and control engineering companies, can benefit extensively from the Internet of Things. Perhaps you’ve already developed a digital business model for your company? Using our consulting package, IoT in a Nutshell, we will help you lay the foundations for introducing IoT-based business models in your company. This package puts a special focus on digital business models and connecting them with IoT.

Once a suitable business model has been found, Materna will advise you on the appropriate choice of technologies. This means selecting the right concept (e.g. edge, fog or cloud), the right data transfer technology and the right application platform.

When this preliminary work is completed, we build the application or integrate the recorded data into existing system landscapes and processes.

Learn more about our IoT solutions



Connect your devices, machines and processes to the Internet of Things (IoT) with modern protocols and only minimal hardware requirements. LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) is a wireless technology with low energy demands and inexpensive components. This means that sensors and actors in the Internet of Things (IoT) are becoming cheaper and increasingly mobile. There is a range of LPWAN technologies currently on the market but, with wide variations in performance and cost, it is can be very hard to make an informed choice. Materna assists its customers in finding the technology best suited to their situation, getting the most out of it and setting up their own individual projects. We advise you on the selection of suitable LPWAN technology and hardware, and guide you through the design and implementation of an end-to-end solution.

Pioneer in the telecoms sector

During the 90s boom triggered by the deregulation of the telecommunications market, network operators were particularly reliant on specialists with a sound knowledge of not only communications but also IT to build and expand their mobile and fixed-line network services. This opened up a whole new line of business for Materna. From 1997 onwards, Materna recognised and tapped into the major commercial opportunities presented by the popularity of mobile telephony and especially SMS. Nobody else at the time could quite imagine that mobile phone users would use the mini keypad to type in text, and so Materna became a pioneer on the SMS market. Between 1998 and 2004 more than 90 billion SMS were sent in Germany alone, with a substantial proportion of these sent via Materna’s Gateway solutions. Our products included mobile value-adding services as well as services for fixed-line networks based on SMS, WAP, MMS and mobile Java. In fact Materna was the largest international provider in the area of fixed-line SMS. As early as the 90s we were able to count a number of renowned network operators and service providers among our worldwide customer base.

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