About our partnership with IBM

In 2006 Materna embarked upon a strategic partnership with IBM Germany and is now a Gold Business Partner. Our customers benefit above all from a wider range of services, software and hardware solutions.
Our cloud solutions based on IBM products make it possible to access IT services on-demand at any time. The solutions deployed by Materna for public clouds include Softlayer, and for private clouds Pure Systems, or a combination of both (hybrid).

This puts Materna in a position to respond to a broad variety of customer requirements and to apply the most suitable products and solutions for every project situation. Our core areas of expertise lie in the business process management, portal development and mobile development segments.

As an authorized Software Value Plus reseller, Materna offers a comprehensive range of services for the Worklight WebSphere Business Process Management, WebSphere Commerce, WebSphere Core and Rational suites.

Our services for IBM products and solutions

Mobile development and mobile solutions

Materna develops enterprise applications based on IBM Worklight, a platform for building mobile apps with HTML5. With the IBM solution, business applications can be deployed to every type of mobile device for secure access anytime, anywhere. The platform speeds up the development, deployment and modification of mobile apps. The main benefits:

  • a single infrastructure for all your business apps
  • open standards to support new mobile platforms in the future
  • an open development platform
  • secure, simple and extensible integration of third-party systems

Portal development

As a provider of internet solutions, Materna plans, designs and implements tailored portal and content management solutions. We assist our customers through the selection of suitable software components, design the target architecture and implement the new solution according to the unique requirements of each customer.

Materna has extensive expertise in the following aspects of internet solution projects:

  • development of applications for process integration and process execution
  • development of process infrastructure systems and portal infrastructures
  • e-commerce solutions in the B2B and B2C sectors
  • integration of back-end systems

Business process management

Organizations seeking to optimize their core processes will often find that standard software just doesn’t make the grade. In many cases, seamless IT automation is not possible without professional customization or individual software solutions. One alternative to web applications comes in the form of enterprise applications – complex business applications with a distributed multi-layer architecture. Materna has acquired many years of extensive experience in the development of individual software solutions.

DevOps and application lifecycle management

Materna has been using IBM Rational Synergy and IBM Rational Change for more than 15 years now. We are actively involved in the community, having launched the German-language User Convention for Synergy and Change in 1999, with the community still meeting regularly.

Rational Synergy is one of the leading tools for software configuration management, part of the larger cross-discipline field of change management and especially reveals its strengths in complex software projects. Closely linked with Rational Synergy is Rational Change, a tool for software change management. Materna’s expertise includes:

  • experience with Synergy, Change and DOORS
  • integration of Synergy and Change in third-party products, e.g. the lightweight Eclipse plugin, Materna Edition

Services for IBM technologies throughout the planning, building and running phases at a glance

  • support during the planning phase: process consulting, project management, requirements management, product evaluation, architecture consulting, design and planning, migration planning
  • implementation and customizing: project management, development, configuration and customization, quality assurance, deployment, migration support, rollout support
  • safeguarding operation: application management, operation management, roll-out guidance, project workshops, project support, monitoring
  • These services are rounded off with our WebCheck consulting package comprising WebCheck Architecture, WebCheck Performance and WebCheck Security.

The ideal partner to implement your IBM project

Materna and IBM look back at more than ten years of close collaboration. We have more than 70 experienced consultants and developers who are extremely well-acquainted with IBM technologies. As a member of Guide Share Europe (GSE) Materna is constantly abreast of the latest developments and learns first-hand what the users really want.

Materna has extensive experience in the development of applications for process integration and process execution, the introduction of process infrastructure systems and portal infrastructures, and e-commerce solutions in the B2B and B2C sectors.

A selection of our references for IBM technologies

  • Banking and insurance sector
  • Federal Ministry of Finance
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Milsat Services
  • Public sector
  • T-Systems

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