About our partnership with ServiceNow

More and more companies are using services from the cloud in order to automate their IT landscapes. With IT services from the cloud, companies have a cost-effective way to support a wide range of processes with software applications which they don’t operate themselves. In the IT service management market software as a service solutions (SaaS) are also steadily gaining in importance. Key features of SaaS solutions are their flexibility and scalability.
One of the world’s fastest growing software companies in this segment is ServiceNow. The company has positioned itself as an Enterprise IT cloud provider. Materna and ServiceNow have been technology partners since the year 2012. Materna is a Solution Partner and Authorized Training Partner for ServiceNow.

Our services for SaaS solutions from ServiceNow

  • Process advice on mapping business processes on the ServiceNow platform
  • Architecture advice and concept design
  • Project management
  • Complete implementation of SaaS projects
  • Use of self-developed project templates for mapping best practice processes and to accelerate project procedures, e.g. for a multiprovider service catalogue
  • Provisioning a ServiceNow prototype for mapping after sales processes including connecting up M2M functions (this prototype can also be used in other customer environments)
  • Training
  • Operational support

With the SaaS solutions from ServiceNow, Materna delivers three important components for modern IT: self service processes, consolidation of IT processes and the integration of processes across departmental borders.

The ideal partner for implementing ServiceNow projects

Implementing SaaS projects demands in-depth integration and cloud expertise. As a specialist for service processes Materna has extensive knowledge of integrating cloud solutions in corporate processes. For over 15 years now, Materna has also been a market leader in Germany for the implementation of IT service management technologies.

Materna is an important partner for ServiceNow in Germany and has more than 30 ServiceNow-certified consultants in the team; these include numerous ServiceNow Implementation Specialists as well. We implement ServiceNow projects for customers in all sectors.

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