About our partnership with e-Spirit

Our partnership with e-Spirit was established in 2010. Not only a technology partner, Materna is one of just a few consulting and implementation partners to have been awarded Preferred Partner status. As a partner, Materna advises companies on the implementation of tailored internet and staff portal projects. Both companies are based in Dortmund and benefit considerably from their proximity to each other.

Our services for e-Spirit products and solutions

Modern web content management systems (web CMS) provide the technological basis for cross-media and cross-channel, structured, comprehensive and integrated management of all content relevant to company communication. The content management system, FirstSpirit™ by e-Spirit, impresses with ease of integration, usability and high performance, and is now replacing CMS technologies in more and more major enterprises.
Materna assists its customers with the fast, flexible and demand-oriented implementation of IT solutions for their company communication. We serve as a full-service provider and a full-service agent for the digital enterprise. Our services range from online strategy through design and front-end development to implementation, data migration and the operation of web-based solutions.

Materna specializes in the implementation of

  • Global brand sites
  • Multi-site platforms
  • Staff portals and intranet solutions for internal company communication

Integration of Microsoft SharePoint® and FirstSpirit

In its role as a technology partner, Materna has developed a module that allows the seamless integration of FirstSpirit into Microsoft SharePoint®. With this integration solution Materna brings together staff portals based on Microsoft SharePoint® with editorial content from the web CMS, FirstSpirit. The editorial content collected in the web CMS is automatically published in the staff portal based on Microsoft SharePoint®. FirstSpirit’s ease of use for the decentralized management of content boosts its acceptance in the user departments to a maximum – a major contributing factor to the success of SharePoint® rollouts.

The ideal partner to implement your e-Spirit project

Materna has comprehensive expertise in the planning, implementation, rollout and operation of solutions for digital enterprises. Materna serves as a general contractor in many projects, overseeing and coordinating all of the project partners, for example agencies, hosting providers and the manufacturers themselves.

Regular professional development and training courses provided by e-Spirit ensure that our experts are always well-informed on the latest developments and able to apply this knowledge to their customer projects.

A few of our references for e-Spirit Technologies

  • Automotive sector
  • BITKOM e.V
  • ThyssenKrupp
  • Vaillant Group
  • Verband der Chemischen Industrie (VCI)
  • Wincor Nixdorf

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