Mastering change projects successfully

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Successfully mastering Change

Transformation and change projects must be accompanied professionally if they are to be a success.

Mastering change projects successfully

Changes and innovations can cause unrest and significantly affect the performance of an organization. Professional change management supports you with a variety of measures to inspire and enthuse your customers and employees with the idea and goals of the change. We support organizations with structured change management and together with you lead the change processes to the desired outcome.

Successfully realizing transformation and change projects

Managing change is a demanding project and must be taken on in addition to the actual core business of a company. Time pressure and permanent scarcity of resources pose challenges to those responsible. Motivating employees in the process is often a factor that is neglected. Particularly in change processes, it is important not to "fight your way through" it alone, but to make use of external implementation consulting that gives the change process the right impetus with the necessary know-how and creative ideas.

Backed by many years of experience and competent consultants, Materna supports you in your change projects, for example in

  • the implementation of a digital strategy
  • the introduction of new technologies and working methods
  • changes to your service portfolio
  • a change of location
  • a reorganization of the company, or
  • important personnel changes in the management and leadership of a company.

Address change processes in eight steps

  1. Create an atmosphere of motivation and participation
  2. Involve change agents
  3. Communicate goals and strategies
  4. Identify possible stumbling blocks
  5. Empowering and adequately inform employees
  6. Measure and demonstrate success
  7. Stabilize the change process
  8. Initiate sustainability

Reference project: Communication strategy for Evonik

Evonik is one of the world's leading specialty chemicals companies. With locations in 24 countries and 33,500 employees worldwide, this networked cooperation is the basis for successful projects.

The introduction of the Evonik Collaboration Suite, which comprises Outlook, SharePoint, Skype for Business and IBM Connections, is intended to make digital collaboration among Evonik employees even more simple.

Together with Evonik, Materna has developed and implemented a communication strategy that explains the upcoming changes in a comprehensible manner, convinces with advantages and conveys them with strong sound arguments.

Materna provided with nine explanatory films, three educational magazines, 70 YouTube-like training videos and over 50 live webinars as well as information graphics and decision trees for target group-specific communication and sustainable information transfer.