Digital Strategy Consulting

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Digital Strategy Consulting

The digitization of business models – become a digital leader!

Digital Strategy Consulting

New and advanced technologies offer plenty of potential to put your business, processes and interactions on new, digital footing. Materna accompanies you from the initial idea, the requirements and objectives, through analysis and planning, to implementation and operation of your digital project.

Our credo: Inform, Think, Consult, Create, Operate

  • We provide extensive information to you pertaining to the entire spectrum of digitization and the latest trends.
  • Together with you, we think about your specific situation and potential improvements and innovations.
  • We advise you on the implementation of your aspired changes and options at eye level.
  • We generate creative and innovative solutions and added value - also based on agile methods.
  • We help you operate your services or take them off your hands entirely.


The latest trending topics

Within the framework of our Innovation Workshops and Innovation Days, we inform key stakeholders across all disciplines about digital trends and opportunities to generate and optimize digital added value. Instead of long theoretical presentations, we introduce the possibilities and opportunities of digitization using live demonstrations. This provides you with an optimal starting point and a uniform understanding of the significance of digital trends for your organization. Themes and target groups are precisely coordinated in advance and the Innovation Day is tailored to your specific challenge and situation.

Key topics for Innovation Workshops and Innovation Days for instance are Blockchain, Cognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence as well as Big Data and Analytics.


Methodological competence

Design Thinking

In our Design Thinking Workshops, we develop ideas and use cases to create new and optimize existing services in an open and active atmosphere together with you. The objective is to work actively and across the board on shaping and improving your own business. In a second step, developed ideas can be specified by means of a design sprint for a prototype-like implementation using a hackathon.

Design Sprint

The (Product) Design Sprint method is a process that aims to realize a product or the further development of a product within the shortest possible amount of time with the help of team and user input, before you even invest in (expensive) product development. For this purpose, prototypes are developed and tested with you so that your products are always geared to your specific needs. The following questions can be answered during a design sprint:

  • Do you want to implement an existing idea?
  • Which problems need to be solved? Are there any other ideas on how to solve this problem?
  • Which ideas would you like to implement, and which would you rather not?
  • How would you like to implement an idea?
  • What are the success factors of your solution from your customers' point of view?
  • How do you evaluate the solution in reality in terms of motivation and usability?



Long-standing implementation competence


A hackathon is a collaborative software development event. The aim of a hackathon is to create prototypes of useful and innovative software products within a limited period of time. It is the logical conclusion of Design Thinking and Design Sprint. When conducting a hackathon, we support you in evaluating innovative technologies and creating initial technological prototypes. We accompany you from the initial brainstorming process to the provision of resources (coaches, rooms) to the complete implementation of a hackathon.

Agile Software Factory

The basis of your business processes must keep pace with your digitization strategy. Transform your IT precisely according to your individual needs. For nearly four decades, we have been working on the implementation of new, digital business models and the flexibilization and modernization of mission-critical business processes.

Soft­ware De­vel­op­ment


Managed Services by Materna

Don't burden your data center with providing individual services and applications. Materna manages your services and application operations in our data centers: from individual workloads to the transfer of a complete data center to the Materna Cloud data center.

Man­aged Ser­vices