The Internet of Things – IoT solutions by Materna

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Internet of Things (IoT)

With Materna’s expertise, enterprises enhance their business processes and optimize their own production.

The Internet of Things – IoT solutions by Materna

More efficiency, digital products, artificial intelligence and data-driven business models: The Internet of Things (IoT) promises true miracles. Around a third of companies in Germany are currently working on making projects and services smarter and more predictive. But not only in terms of the smart factory, IoT also offers numerous options for the expansion and new development of business models - from optimized customer service to X-a-a-S solutions. Materna offers companies numerous value-added solutions to leverage Internet of Things and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies and get the most out of your data.

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The Internet of Things offers companies diverse solutions to rethink production and business models. We create the greatest added value for our customers not only by offering solutions, but also by connecting them intelligently with existing processes. In addition to the greatest possible data transparency, we thus offer the opportunity to create or optimize automation processes, to make targeted production forecasts, and ultimately to think in terms of new business models.

The potential applications of these solutions are extensive and diverse. For many companies, it offers the opportunity to rethink their existing business model. In fact, occasionally it's not even necessary to invent something completely new - it's often possible to generate new fee-based services using existing processes and by monetizing data analytics. Materna's consultants will be on hand to help you identify the potential for your organization.

IoT solutions impress with their diverse application scenarios that address different process levels within production. The targeted use of these solutions can reduce costs and at the same time increase a company's own sales. Companies also benefit from the use of the Internet of Things in the course of environmental protection (decarbonization).

Industry 4.0

Straight to the next level of industry with IoT


The (Industrial) Internet of Things is a key driver for the revolution of industry. IIoT essentially supports the automation of processes in the context of production. In addition, by using cloud solutions, you gain a secure, scalable way to store and process the data you receive. Through new, improved data sets, you achieve more transparency for your companies, which sustainably support you in expanding your production.

Automotive and Manufacturing

IoT solutions for automotive and manufacturing


Digitalization for production offers various starting points for integrating IoT for the automotive and also manufacturing sectors. Together with you, we determine your digitalization potential and support you along the entire path: from strategic consulting to a sensible, overarching implementation process, to further steps. In this way, we generate real value-added solutions for your individual needs.

Predictive Maintenance

Targeted predictions of production performance through IoT


The use of IoT enables a detailed insight into one's own production. The precise analysis of this data not only makes it possible to optimize existing processes. Thanks to the data, the company's own machines can also be monitored in advance for any malfunctions and maintenance cases. Repairs and the associated downtimes can thus be perfectly adapted to production processes in order to keep costs as low as possible.

The integration of the Internet of Things is an overarching process that not only positively influences the company's own production. Much more, the data obtained can be used to strategically expand one's own business model with new offerings. Customer service can also be improved in a targeted manner using this data.

IoT-based Services

IoT-based Services


IoT-based services make it strategically possible to sustainably master emerging product-related challenges. Compared to other IoT solutions, these services start directly with the product itself and thus enable you to change from the classic product business. The so-called smart products enable you not only to obtain extended operating data, but also to derive new business models from this data.

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IoT Cloud Solutions

IoT based on AWS Cloud


For a targeted use of the acquired data, we work together with strong partners, such as AWS. The cloud solution enables you to analyze the acquired data in a targeted manner and to visualize it according to requirements. Not only that: Through the AWS Cloud, appropriate business processes can be derived from the new data and also be triggered by it.

Discover the possibilities of the AWS Cloud

Customer Service

Increase your customer loyalty using IoT


The data obtained through the Internet of Things is not only suitable for optimizing internal production processes. In combination with artificial intelligence and machine learning, you can use the data to expand your own knowledge management. This is particularly beneficial for the expansion of customer services, as it enables the development of smart services in customer service management.

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