Our reference project for Mercedes-Benz

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Our reference project for Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz Vertrieb Deutschland - Sales Portal


A new retailer-portal at Mercedes-Benz Vertrieb Deutschland has improved communication between the headquarters and the sales and service branches. The car manufacturer has introduced a central content management system (CMS) for the communication between head office and the authorised dealerships and branch offices.

Materna based the technical design of the new retailer portal on the CMS from FirstSpirit and implemented it in the context of an agile development project within around six months. Materna helped the customer prepare for the introduction of the new editing system by providing an intensive editor training programme and they also carried out migration activities. Application management and monitoring round this services package off.

After going live, Materna assessed the content design of various maintained contents in the portal by carrying out content reviews according to heuristic analysis criteria and then made specific recommendations for optimizations.

Materna also collected requirements in the context of concept-design workshops and advised the customer on how to use the retailer portal for further sales units and to continue its development.

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