The eFile basic package

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Electronic Files

Electronic files are accelerating administrative processes, are supporting media-consistent workflows and are creating consistent electronic services.

The eFile basic package

Materna's eFiles basic package is an innovative and flexible solution for professional electronic file management and process handling.

Electronic file management

With the basic eFile package, we support the simple changeover to electronic file management.

  • The eFiles basic package offers full integration with Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint. This means you can process files and processes without media discontinuity, avoid redundancies and optimize procedures – and all of this from the Microsoft working environment you are accustomed to.
  • You benefit from barrier-free Office use. The presentation of the user interface of the eFiles basic package is low-barrier and is based on optimized workplace design in line with BITV 2.0 / WCAG 2.0.
  • Electronic files are mapped under Microsoft SharePoint. In addition to file management, this enables optimized collaboration and process handling within the public authority. This makes it possible to map formal as well as informal documentation.

We cooperate with the Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS and demonstrate application scenarios in the e-government laboratory of the research partner in Berlin.

Benefits and added values

The benefits of electronic file management

  • Flexible and user-friendly
  • Intuitive with no media breaks from the familiar Office environment from Version 2010 and above
  • Scalable according to specific needs
  • "Out of the box" basic functions of Microsoft SharePoint® from Version 2010 and above
  • Low customizing expenses for the basic application
  • Future-proof through the use of standard technologies
  • Further solutions such as process handling systems or archiving systems can be integrated
  • Barrier-free
  • Different operating versions: Operation in local IT or in the cloud
  • Flexible use with different SharePoint and Office variants


This is what the eFile basic package can do

  • Simple structured filing
  • Coverage of the basic requirements for file management
  • Research on files and documents
  • Access to files, processes and information
  • Scalable according to the requirements of the work processes (formal and informal)
  • Reference generation
  • Use of standard SharePoint® functionalities such as versioning, change history and search
  • Importing metadata
  • Unified Office user interface
  • Processing without media breaks

Services and modules

In this way, we provide support in handling files and processes

  • Organizational consulting
  • File plan and process optimization
  • IT consulting and IT conception
  • System implementation, system expansion and system configuration
  • System and data migration of various document management products
  • Implementation of interfaces to existing systems
  • Large-scale rollouts
  • System tests
  • Training
  • Change management
  • Operation, maintenance and support
  • Recording data migrations from legacy systems

Supplemental modules

The eFiles basic package optionally offers two additional modules

  • The eCollaboration module contains two functions for organizing the creative work process that takes place before the structured filing: On the one hand, each user has access to his or her own personal SharePoint repository; on the other hand, users can edit documents with other colleagues simultaneously via project rooms.
  • With the eProcess Handling module, government employees can interactively create circulars for joint processing from Microsoft Office. The use of previously saved templates and an automated process flow simplify and accelerate workflows.


A selection of our references

  • Bavarian Parliament
  • civitec
  • Directorate-General of Customs (GZD)