Smart city solutions

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Smart City Solutions

Mobile solutions are optimizing processes between administration and citizens.

Smart city solutions

Materna develops mobile communication tools to optimize the processes between administration and citizens. These include mobile apps, mobile ticketing and mobile parking. Our solutions are high performance, stable and based on common payment methods.

Smart parking

Management of parking tickets – the virtual parking meter

Materna's smart parking solution is an intelligent system that helps drivers reserve a parking space via a mobile app, extend the parking time and make cashless payments using various payment methods. If a provider has several parking spaces, these can be easily integrated into the app.

Users register in the mobile app to use the service with their license plate and payment information. The parking ticket can be paid for using several cashless payment methods, such as premium SMS, credit card or bank transfer. The controller recognizes in his control system that parked cars have a valid parking ticket. It lists all license plates with the paid parking time.

The analytical and efficient parking system provides a complete overview and offers comprehensive reporting options, e.g. for detecting peak and off-peak times. The proportion of tourists among those using parking services can also be seen, for example. This can be used to derive loyalty programs to promote the attractiveness of the cities.

The smart parking app

Management of parking tickets and parking zones

Materna has developed an app that allows drivers to select and book a parking space from different parking zones. The driver logs on to the app, creates an account and registers with his license plate. As soon as the driver is in a certain parking zone, he calls the corresponding telephone number. The system automatically detects when a registered user calls and carries out the cashless payment process.

Smart city ticketing

Electronic tickets for public transportation

With a smart city ticketing system from Materna for cities, municipalities and public transport, passengers can easily order and pay for tickets via their mobile device. Service is improved, processes are accelerated at the start of the journey and fare evasion is prevented.

Materna's smart city ticketing system supports various tickets and ID cards, such as regular tickets, short-haul tickets, multi-trip tickets, monthly tickets, discounted tickets or tickets for children, senior citizens and students. Passengers can choose from various payment options, such as credit card, premium SMS, online payment or a prepaid account. The provider can feed price changes or new price models simply via a web interface.

The conductors use a modern smartphone to scan the online tickets. Based on the information collected this way, various reports can be generated, such as on the most frequently purchased ticket types, seasonal fluctuations and the use by tourists.