Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

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The fascinating world of virtual and augmented reality

Increase productivity and efficiency in your B2B and B2C activities and tap into new opportunities for products and services.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

With virtual and augmented reality we are seeing a convergence between the real world and virtual, computer-generated realities. Materna creates VR and AR environments for its customers in industry and the real estate, marketing and further education sectors.

Further education, training and tutorials

Virtual and Augmented Reality in further education

3D worlds lend themselves perfectly to the creation of learning environments. Intensive training courses can be carried out in a virtual world irrespective of place, time and surroundings. Workflows can be visualized, paused at any time and supplemented with additional information. At the same time, interaction in the form of assignments and digital coaches reinforce the participant’s feeling of being present and promote cognitive learning. For example, assembly and repair instructions can be superimposed in 3D using mixed reality headsets.

Service and maintenance

Service and maintenance: Realtime maintenance

  • Speed up maintenance procedures
  • Support for service staff doing maintenance and repairs
  • Display key context-related information
  • Hands free ticket processing
  • Voice control possible

You can see an example of VR/AR in service and maintenance in our video on YouTube 'Service Automation with Augmented Reality'.

Marketing and sales

Virtual reality and augmented reality in marketing and branding

Whether you want to create highly visible and memorable advertising for your products at fairs or produce high quality presentations in B2B marketing to get attractive orders on board, virtual and augmented reality help you to implement progressive and successful marketing projects.

With “try before you buy” applications in augmented reality, customers can experience products in their own four walls before they actually buy them. This helps people to avoid purchasing the wrong products and then having to return them. In branding they are also both ideal for creating experiences for the customers who feel they have close links to the brand.

Virtual and augmented reality are also relevant in employer branding - for example, it is possible to provide virtual guided tours to get a glimpse of different parts of a business, and to present products and processes.

You can also make people curious by giving them their own personalized VR experiences. At fairs and events, our virtual showrooms can turn your brands into a digital adventure.

Real estate

Virtual reality in the real estate business

Virtual reality in the real estate sector can be used to create an attractive interactive customer experience and marketing tool. Virtual property tours with true to scale visualizations make it possible to experience different spaces and ambiences realistically. The property, colours and interior furnishings can all be adapted to suit a customer’s individual tastes.

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