Automation of IT and specialised processes

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Automation gets more out of your processes

Automate processes of varying complexity, from the simplest to the most complex.

Automation of IT and specialised processes

By automating recurring tasks, your specialised staff will have more time to work on their more complex, higher-level work. We can help you to find the best automation strategy for your organisation.

Automation in the IT and specialist user departments

In one of Materna’s current projects with a client, we have succeeded in using an automation platform to automate around 9,000 tasks that employees previously had to perform manually every month. This means that the equivalent of five employees are now available to work on new projects. We would be pleased to assist you in automating your processes, to free up capacity, increase the quality of your processes and reduce the sources of error in manual activities.

Automation – from simple to complex

Processes of varying complexity can be automated: from the simplest to the most complex, as the following examples of what can be automated show:

  • Maintaining Active Directory groups for assigning and allocating specific user rights
  • Maintaining groups or handling requests to set up users in business applications such as SAP
  • Assigning user rights for software
  • Providing cloud instances
  • Processing customer requests received by e-mail to modify contract content
  • Validating data according to specific rules
  • Extracting data from various structured sources
  • Copying and pasting content

We would be happy to advise you on how to combine the appropriate automation strategies (runbook, orchestration, RPA or AI automation) in a strategic automation platform.

Automation - a service from Materna

A scalable automation solution designed for companies, that can be extended with modules for RPA and AI, can also be ordered in the form of automation as a service. Materna also offers just such a service. Materna operates this solution either in the client’s own data centre as a managed service, in Materna’s data centre or Materna can take care of hosting and operation in the cloud.

With this service, companies can quickly start with one or two particularly important workflows with no need for a comprehensive technology stack. IT managers can start automation at a fixed monthly cost without having to invest in technology first. In addition, if successful, the platform is easily scaled up and can be expanded with additional technologies such as RPA and AI.

Materna’s Automation Service looks after the complete operation of the automation software from our technology partners Automation Anywhere, BMC and Micro Focus as a Materna Managed Service. In addition, Materna takes care of the initial installation and customisation, the workflow design of the orchestration engine and the connection to the IT service management solution.

The automation platform is either operated in the client’s data center or hosted at Materna and is monitored, operated and administered around the clock (24x7) by Materna experts. The service desk is available in both German and English. Troubleshooting is carried out according to individually agreed service level agreements (SLAs). Once a month, a dedicated service manager presents the operating reports and discusses possible faults.

Materna’s Technology Competence Center implements the workflows and configures even the most complex automation projects in short coordinated projects. Various tailor-made price models make it possible to plan and calculate savings precisely.

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