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Cloud solutions for your sector

We can develop and modernise your business and specialist applications for the cloud.

Sector solutions

Would you like to deploy specific sector solutions that really work for you? Are you finding it difficult without doing at least some customizing? Then our cloud solutions for special sectors and user departments are right for you.

Public sector

We are digitalizing the public sector!

We are experts when it comes to digital public service touchpoints and are guiding the way towards a digital Germany. As an IT services provider with many years of experience to our name, we advise and accompany public sector organisations successfully through all the aspects of digitalization. Federal, state and municipal government have all put their trust in our customized solutions and technologies for agile, flexible and secure public sector services. Our solutions are deployed in a range of different cloud scenarios: hybrid, private and public. More about public sector

Lernwelt (training)

Our e-learning and communications platform

Learn whenever and wherever you want. That’s what our Lernwelt (Learning World) is all about. Designed with an attractive tile layout, it is operated intuitively and fully meets learners’ expectations for a contemporary way to take part in training and continuing education. Course content is provided in the form of images, videos, audio or pdf files, websites, podcasts and livestreams. All content can be accessed at any time and can be used on mobile devices too.

The Lernwelt can be delivered as a managed service from the AWS cloud where we take care of the hosting and management for you. You can provide us with content, let us create it for you, or order existing content via us as well.
More about the Lernwelt

Digital customer experience

Digital customer experience

Personalized videos
Do you need to explain your bills, services or complex products in a clear and simple way? We can help you do this with personalized video technology from Materna. We will accompany you through the whole process, from developing initial ideas and production through to dispatching the personalised videos to your customers. We deliver personalised video technology either from the AWS Cloud or from one of our own Materna data centres in Germany. More about personalised videos

Customer service management from the cloud
Are you interested in configuring your after sales and customer service procedures to be more efficient and customer-oriented, and to benefit from the opportunities digitalization can offer? Connect your departments, workflows and systems with each other and automate services throughout the whole company. We have many years of expertise when it comes to advising on and managing complex customer service processes throughout their complete lifecycles. We deliver customer service management solutions either from the cloud or from one of Materna’s data centres in Germany. With us you can use ServiceNow and BMC Helix from the cloud, or Micro Focus SMAX which is hosted in the Materna data centre.

IT organisations


IT service management
Materna helps IT organisations and data centres to plan, introduce and deliver modern service processes and IT service management technologies. The “ISG Provider Germany 2019 Lens SIAM/ITSM” study includes Materna as one of the leading German companies for implementing ITSM solutions. We provide you with IT service management from the cloud or from Materna’s data centres in Germany. With us you can deploy ServiceNow and BMC Helix from the cloud, or Micro Focus SMAX as a hosted solution from the Materna data centre.

Docker/Kubernetes private cloud platform
Container-based applications are revolutionising IT with applications being pushed into the cloud as and when required – e.g. into the Red Hat OpenShift. Red Hat OpenShift is an application platform for developing and managing local containerised applications. This integrated environment comprises the container orchestrator Kubernetes, a Cloud Foundry environment, a private image repository, a management console and a monitoring framework. And with Materna at your side you have a skilled partner to set up and manage the application platform.

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