Customer Experience with Salesforce

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Customer Experience with Salesforce

We take care of the initial setup, configuration, and customization of your Salesforce Sales, Service, and Marketing Cloud.

Customer Experience with Salesforce

We are passionate Salesforce consultants who shape the customer experience in the manufacturing industry.

Explore new markets with Salesforce

An outstanding customer experience can turn industrial companies into speedboats when it comes to competitiveness. What does the customer want and how can I reach him? Every company has to ask itself this question anew. The topic of customer interfaces has clearly gained in relevance. Today, there are more and more touchpoints between companies and customers such as websites, apps, newsletters, blogs and social networks.

Our subsidiary cbs Corporate Business Solutions from Heidelberg has founded the new business unit "cbs CX - Customer Experience" especially for this purpose and supports companies in providing high quality touchpoints. At the same time, customer processes need to be rethought and designed quickly and flexibly with a start-up mentality. cbs CX has a team of certified Salesforce consultants and developers who focus exclusively on the Salesforce solution portfolio. They work closely with the in-house SAP teams.

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