Cloud and managed services

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We manage your workloads!

Use managed services to get the maximum out of your application eco-system.

Cloud and managed services

You don't want to burden your data centre by having to provide individual services and applications. If you need a reliable partner to run your standard software and your individual developments and to include different cloud providers, then you've come to the right place. We will manage your services and run your applications in our data centres: from individual workloads through to taking care of a complete data centre in the Materna Cloud Data Centre.

Our solutions for cloud and managed services

Whether it is for a private, public or hybrid cloud, we will manage and optimise your services and run your applications in our data centres, or in your data centres or in the cloud. That can range from individual workloads to taking care of more complex services. You don’t need to worry about the details relating to networks, hardware, software, licences or service implementation - we carry out the go-live and workload migration and then take care of the complete management right through to service and application monitoring, billing and reporting.

Materna runs data centres at two locations with a high-performance infrastructure working at network operator standard. It goes without saying that we will manage the applications and solutions you entrust us with reliably.

We can provide you with service management and IT-outsourcing. In particular, this includes the design, hosting, management, monitoring and maintenance of your business-related services and applications as well as the integration of software and services. We deploy products and solutions from third party suppliers as well as commodity products (such as Office 365) from the usual cloud suppliers as well as Materna’s own applications. We run and manage your services either in one of our own data centres, or on the basis of services in the cloud with third party suppliers, or with the help of hyperscalers such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Our data centre experts integrate your solutions in your own IT or in your user department so that applications, even though they are run externally, feel like they are your own IT – they are just more flexible and cost-optimized and mean less work for you and your staff.

Added value

Your added value with Materna

  • Everything from one source: service, software, hardware, cloud
  • Hand over responsibility for implementation to Materna
  • Complete value adding chain taken care of
  • Specialist for business processes
  • Step by step transfer of further services
  • Complements your own IT portfolio
  • Simple to integrate in your own IT processes
  • Customized services which continue to be developed sustainably
  • Location Germany
  • High level of cost transparency
  • Scalable solutions
  • Secure operations (certificates, managed in Germany)
  • Your customers can focus on their core tasks!
  • DataCore Powered


Highest security requirements

The infrastructure in our data centres fulfils the highest security requirements. The security of the data centre in the various evaluation areas such as physical security, system security and data security is confirmed by audits and certificates. We are also pleased to test and confirm the security of your specific solution in an audit specially designed with and for you. Our strict security principles satisfy international standards such as ITIL and national guidelines such as the TKG and the BSI basic protection catalogue. We are also certified according to the PCI-DSS standard set by the credit card industry.


Cloud Services@Materna – proficient, individual, flexible and secure

Materna can provide you with a complete service for cloud and managed services. After creating a project plan according to your project requirements, we design and create your solutions for you.

You don’t need to deal with detailed questions concerning network, hardware, software, licences or service implementation – we can take care of the launch or migration and then handle the complete services management. This includes both the operations and support for your specialist business processes – all from one source. We can take over controlling and error tracking for all operational activities for you, too.

During the course of our long-lasting business relations, we document our services, processes and services transparently in an operating manual and continue to develop them further – quickly, without lots of red tape and without us explicitly having to change any agreements.

Service Desk

Always available: our Service Desk

Materna supports IT managers with an innovative cloud service so companies can upgrade their own IT portfolio securely and efficiently with resources from the cloud.

Our ITIL certified staff and service processes guarantee you get professional service management and service monitoring round the clock that satisfy even the highest requirements. If required, and based on your strategy, we can develop the most suitable services for you so you can concentrate completely on your core business. We are the right people to come to when it comes to service knowhow for running data centres and cloud hosting.

  • 24 x 7 x 365 operations on site in our operation centre
  • Exclusive B2B support from qualified system administrators
  • Supportive ticket-system (BMC Remedy)

    • Structured documentation of all tickets
    • Statistics (SLA reports, quality management)
    • Communication (escalation to 2nd and 3rd level, feedback)
    • Incidents, service requests (problems, change requests)
    • Event management
    • Request management
  • Support from stand-by services for all areas

    • Web applications (web solutions)
    • Specialist and self-developed solutions
    • Infrastructure and networks
    • IT security

Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management

In Infrastructure Management we focus on delivering infrastructure services such as operating systems and databases as well as hardware (server and VMs), infrastructure, VPN, backup & recovery and internet traffic, both from our data centres and from the cloud providers.

Application Management

Application Management

When it comes to Application Management we focus on the secure and highly available provision of the applications you wish to utilize. In addition to our in-depth know-how concerning Materna’s own software products, we also have high levels of expertise for ITSM applications from the manufacturers BMC, HPW and ServiceNow as well as for content management solutions from CoreMedia and FirstSpirit. We keep the applications up-to-date and continuously optimise them with regard to the architecture.

Service Management

Service Management

Our service management services are oriented to ITIL processes and also cover monitoring, alarms and reporting as well as service desk services. We are experts in designing monitoring concepts. We complement monitoring services with processes which ensure the availability and functionality of your solutions as a service.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Our managed services combine our services for infrastructure, applications and service management.

Full Managed Services

Full Managed Service

If, in addition to our usual managed services, you would like us to control all other service-performing units and suppliers, then our Full Managed Services will fit the bill. This covers all of the service packages we deliver, including licence and multi-provider management, which we then implement according to your specific requirements.

Our services in the context of a running service include:

  • Managed Services in our own certified data centre and externally

    • Operation of the services and applications according to ITIL
    • Service level management
    • Security management
    • Service and application monitoring, billing, reporting and statistics
  • Management of the service processes
  • Multi-provider-management
  • Service-enhancement according to your business requirements

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