Smart Chatbots and Voicebots

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Smart Chatbots and Voicebots

Improve and accelerate communication and service for customers and employees with a customized chatbot or voicebot solution based on cognitive services.

Smart Chatbots and Voicebots

There are many use cases for artificial intelligence in a company: Whether internal IT service, customer service, in online marketing, e-commerce, sales or for communication between citizens and administration. We accompany you with customized solutions based on AI technologies that inspire your customers and employees in all areas of application and increase satisfaction.

Virtual assistants are automated dialog systems that can process information and learn behavior using machine learning to enable communication in human language. Users communicate with them in natural language, for example in a chat window, in Messenger (for example with a social bot) or even on the phone. Chat robots can fluently map routine questions and conversations, save waiting times and integrate seamlessly into the existing system landscape.

To make the maintenance of the respective solution as intuitive and easy as possible, we offer you, in addition to the consulting and the setup as well as the implementation of the individual solution, a chatbot editorial system. With this system, we enable you to maintain your own personal assistants even without basic IT knowledge.

Six reasons for chatbots and voicebots

  1. Customer satisfaction increases
    The use of AI-based digital assistants significantly increases customer satisfaction.
  2. Cost pressures decrease
    Staff fluctuation in call centres is often high – recruitment of personnel can be more specific.
  3. Knowledge available at all times
    Customer enquiries are answered around the clock – even during holiday periods.
  4. No waiting times
    Dissatisfied customers are served quickly and reliably and do not have to struggle through waiting loops.
  5. Consistent service quality
    Each user receives the best service for solving a problem or sharing information- through the bot and through a personal contact.
  6. Easy monitoring
    Dialogues can be evaluated at any time and adapted if necessary.

Our solutions for chatbots and voicebots

Onboarding workshop

  • We advise on and design application scenarios for process support, e.g. also of e-government services
  • Individual selection of suitable technologies and solutions
  • Development of a bot persona

Operational support for the deployment of the chatbot engine

  • Support and service desk from Germany
  • Ongoing quality management through log analysis and KPI reporting
  • Cloud and on-premise architectures

Content: creation and maintenance

  • Design and construction of a content database
  • Preparation of a targeted question structure, adaptation to the chosen medium
  • Advice on the integration of interactive and audiovisual elements
  • Advice on use in social media
  • Development of a corporate language guideline
  • Own chatbot editorial system from Materna

Development and integration of customized bots

  • from simple, interactive questions to intelligent, interpreting bots
  • Connection of specialized procedures and expert systems
  • Configuration of the engine and development of the user front-end
  • Structure and design of the user interface (UX design)
  • Integration with enterprise applications (CRM, CMS, etc.), service management (e.g. BMC, ServiceNow and Micro Focus)
  • Provision of modern user interfaces (website; standard messengers such as Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger; own smartphone app

Connection of cognitive services

  • Sentiment analytics
  • Searches supported by artificial intelligence
  • Creation and maintenance of ontologies
  • Speech input and output

IT Service Desk

Speed up your service desk processes

Too many calls from users as well as the analysis and classification of malfunctions cause high costs in the service desk. The long-term solution of problems falls by the wayside. This makes end users dissatisfied and productivity drops. With the help of a chatbot, i.e. modern interaction of end users with the service desk, the service desk can answer standard requests from end users much faster. Once they are fed with the appropriate information, chat robots automatically and reliably provide the appropriate answers to standard questions. Supplemented with cognitive services, such as natural language recognition, the chatbot becomes even more agile and flexible. All this massively accelerates the service desk’s processes and increases its efficiency.

Chatbot Integration for ServiceNow

Materna has developed a chatbot integration for ServiceNow. The specially developed botkit (based on Microsoft Bot Framework) enables interactive communication in a variety of application scenarios and contains connectors for Skype, Direct Line, email, Facebook Messenger, GroupMe, Kik, Slack, Telegram and Twilio (SMS). In this way, simple waterfall dialogs can be implemented, such as question-answer scenarios, but also more complex dialogs that enable graphical product selection. Communication can be initiated both by the user and by the bot (push notification). If desired, Materna can also operate the system.

Online Marketing

Chatbots revolutionize and accelerate your online communication

Chatbots are ideal digital assistants for online marketing, e-commerce and web shops. Intelligent dialog structures, gamification concepts, virtual assistants – all this is behind this exciting new technology.

  • In e-commerce, a chatbot has a positive effect on the conversion rate, for example by enriching personal search with advisory services. It is also available around the clock, provides answers to the most common service requests and expands e-commerce to social media platforms.
  • Special news bots provide journalistic information and activate new target groups. They serve as a touchpoint for your customers' personalized news consumption.
  • Chatbots support your online marketing strategies because you can reach customers personally without any media discontinuity, e.g. via Facebook Messenger. The content generated, e.g. personalized videos, can be spread virally.

Customer Service

Digital assistants for customer service

Quick and easy after-sales service makes a decisive contribution to customer satisfaction. If a product does not work or if unanswered questions prevent new purchases, intelligent chatbots are an alternative for maintaining communication with the customer. Chatbots today already take over important basic functions in digital communication with customers. They serve as a supplement to the "classic" range of services. Users use the chatbot as an additional channel via a chat application. There are many use cases for customer service chatbots that accelerate customer service processes, increase efficiency and increase customer satisfaction and user experience.

  • Automotive: Answering questions about your own vehicle
  • Travel: Booking or rebooking flights
  • Finance: Starting credit inquiries
  • Finance: Requesting insurance advice
  • Commerce: Triggering fashion tips and purchase recommendations
  • Logistics: Querying and changing package statuses
  • Telco: Booking telecommunication tariff
  • and much more

Citizen Services

Communication and interaction with citizens

Citizens service chatbots provide a better insight into citizens' information needs, can support processing, deal with citizens' concerns more effectively and quickly, process complaints, accept applications and orders, conduct surveys and much more.

Materna offers a complete solution for the introduction of a chatbot, offering a new, modern user interface for communication between citizens and administration. Furthermore, a chatbot optimizes internal administration processes, for example as a supplementary, easy-to-use tool for intelligent knowledge management. For example, they are used on the intranet, support administrators or a central call center and supplement a central public services telephone number, e.g. 115 in Germany.

Chatbot for the Government Site Builder

Materna offers a chatbot prototype for the Government Site Builder, the German federal administration's content management system. The chatbot for the GSB accesses GSB functions such as website search, navigation structure, editorial content and the contact form to answer information requests. In addition, it can transfer data and trigger a process, for example, on the basis of existing forms. Plus, the chatbot can actively inform and, for instance, incorporate the latest information from a GSB newsletter or events into the dialog conducted with the citizen.

Publicplan chatbot

Materna cooperates with publicplan on chatbots for public administration. Administrative processes and information in particular can be efficiently supported with the GovBot from publicplan. Through machine learning and integration into the uniform and comprehensive directory of administrative services of federal, state and local authorities and the Public Authorities Finder Germany, services and information can be provided quickly with the chatbot. Based on standard technologies from Microsoft and IBM (Watson), both cloud and other operating scenarios can be implemented in a user-friendly and accessible manner. The integration of a voice interface, a service account using authentication by means of a new ID card and electronic payment options allow processes to be designed completely without media discontinuity and to drive forward the digitization of the public authority landscape.

Automotive Industry

Chatbots for the automotive industry

Digital assistants can be used as an ideal complement for communication involving vehicles. For instance, car owners can conduct a chat - depending on the situation by voice or text input - and clarify any questions about their specific vehicle type, such as how to operate the vehicle (e.g. top up oil, checking tire pressure, etc.). Cognitive services can be used to integrate different data sources such as manuals or Google Maps. A feedback function allows the user to give feedback on the extent to which the answer was helpful and therefore contribute to further improving the system through its use. In order to give the chatbot more personality, general conversation elements can also be integrated, such as a greeting depending on the time of day.

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