Customer Journey Management

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Creating a convincing Customer Experience

We will help you to design, create and operate your campaigns along the complete customer journey.

Customer Journey Management

Accompany your customers successfully across all channels and at all touchpoints - from the acquisition stage right through to the very end of your customer relationship. For every phase of the customer journey - generating new customers, gaining customer loyalty or generating more business with existing customers - Materna delivers successful concepts on the basis of innovative technologies such as augmented reality, chatbots, personalized videos and gamification. From concept and design through to technical implementation and operations in our certified data centre, we deliver everything from one source.


Services for your acquisition process

Lead database

  • A database available throughout the company for registering leads
  • Performance of traceable campaigns with your leads
  • Highest security for your data

Online shop management

  • An online distribution platform for your products
  • Obviating the need to deal with shop management
  • Optimizing your conversion


Services for your onboarding process

Welcome cycle

  • Expanding the use of your products
  • Customer activation

Personalized video tutorials

  • Familiarizing customers and staff with new products
  • Welcoming new staff in the company

Service and support

Contributions for service and support

Personalized invoice videos

  • Explaining their own invoice to your customers
  • Reducing the number of hotline calls
  • Boosting customer satisfaction
  • Highest security for your data


  • 24/7 customer service
  • Faster response times for service requests
  • High response quality through artificial intelligence

Satisfaction surveys

  • Performance of representative online surveys
  • Live survey results
  • Highest security for your data

Further development as well as up- and X-sell

Our services for further development as well as up- and X-sell

Gamification concepts

  • Boosting customer satisfaction
  • Improving the quality of your e-mail address data

Personalized in-life campaigns

  • Performance of personalized CRM campaigns
  • Sending of text/multimedia messages and e-mails

Voucher/goodie campaigns

  • Distribution of digital vouchers, goodies or promotions
  • Fraud avoidance

Member get member

  • Rewarding customers for their customer acquisition
  • Fraud avoidance


Our services for your customer loyalty processes

Loyalty programmes

  • Increasing the loyalty of your customers
  • Boosting customer satisfaction
  • Inspiring greater use of your products amongst your customers

Digital contract renewal

  • Supplementing existing contract renewal channels with an online channel
  • Sending your customers personalized contract renewal offers
  • Increasing your conversion

Personalized loyalty video

  • Strengthening the loyalty of your customers
  • Boosting customer satisfaction

Retention and prevention

Our services for retention and prevention

Personalized win-back

  • Supplement existing win-back channels with an online channel
  • Sending of personalized offers for customer win-back
  • Boosting your conversion

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