Digital Onboarding

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Digital Onboarding

Improve your hiring process for new employees with Digital Onboarding, so that new employees do not get confused in their new surroundings.

Digital Onboarding

The efficient training of new employees pays off. Digital Onboarding helps to establish a strong welcoming culture. Materna offers a modular solution suite for professional digital onboarding.

Digital onboarding offers a wide range of advantages

  • Live a personal welcoming culture at all locations.
  • Give your new employees the highest degree of attention and appreciation right from the start.
  • Maintain the initial motivation of new recruits with ease.
  • Efficiently provide information to new employees about internal company processes.
  • Make important and practical information easily available for employees to make use of as needed.
  • Encourage independent work and reduce uncertainties with ease.

Successful onboarding requires media individually tailored to company needs and they should be optimally embedded within existing processes. On the one hand, this involves compliance with the company's corporate design and the integration of digital onboarding with the practical induction process on the other hand. Successful digital onboarding is innovative, intuitive and appealing and perfectly complements analog welcoming culture formats such as a Welcome Day for new employees.

Materna's modular solution suite

  • Materna offers an innovative and modular solution suite for digital onboarding.
  • The basic structure consists of 20 varied modules, embedded within four chapters. The chapters deal with organizational and process-specific questions.
  • The modules of the solution suite are structured in a way that allows new employees to idealy access company information based on didactic aspects.
  • The contents are multimedia-based and diverse and contribute to entertaining and easy learning processes, for example in the form of videos, animations and information graphics.