Social collaboration and intranet

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Social Collaboration

Create a modern basis for team and project work and workflows and processes in your own corporate design.

Social collaboration and intranet

The digital work of tomorrow can be raised to an entirely new level of employee interaction with modern platform technologies and social exchange opportunities. Materna implements employee portals that simplify information research, therefore accelerating many employee work processes.

The social intranet boosts cooperation among employees

  • Create incentives that promote direct cooperation and smooth project execution among your employees.
  • Opt for the dynamic provision of role-specific information and offer your employees direct access to concrete project environments.
  • Offer all employees an individual, role-based and customizable interface that provides relevant content for their respective situation.

Our solutions and services

  • Full service partner for digitization projects
  • Implementation of social intranets
  • Knowledge Management Suite
  • Consulting packages for Microsoft SharePoint for public authorities