Configuration Management and Discovery

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Transparent IT thanks to Discovery

Modern discovery tools help you meet compliance, licensing and security requirements.

Configuration Management and Discovery

In distributed, highly virtualized and software-defined infrastructures, comprehensive configuration management is of key importance. Materna provides state-of-the-art discovery tools that respond highly dynamically to the respective IT landscape, capture all components and also map various IT service models.

Rediscover the world of IT

Taking full stock of the IT landscape automatically is very easy with today's discovery tools. It's up to you: If you opt for a bottom-up approach, the solution first analyzes the underlying IT infrastructure with all its components and creates the associated IT service models. Or you can take the top-down approach, which initially focuses on service modeling and then goes deeper into the underlying IT infrastructure. Both approaches offer you a fully automated analysis of the system landscape and the service models. Conceptual differences can be found, for example, in the depth of the technical analysis, in the design of the service models or in cooperation with a configuration management database (CMDB).

Our services for configuration management and discovery

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Talk to our experts and work out an individual concept with us. We collaborate with you, to develop an organization-wide solution for IT service management, identify the required discovery tool and, upon request, also take over the operation of the entire solution. Our experts also support you with the necessary coordination processes between security and network administration to define the optimal and secure discovery infrastructure.

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