Customer service management with Salesforce Service Cloud

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Customer service management

Take your customer service management to the next level with our comprehensive solutions from the Salesforce Service Cloud.

Customer service management with Salesforce Service Cloud

As your organisation undergoes its digital transformation you will be supplementing traditional products with ever more digital services and even converting many of them into subscription models, a trend that is fuelled by the Industry 4.0 revolution. At the heart of effective customer service lie the Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics. Materna delivers comprehensive solutions for your customer service management, with Salesforce Service Cloud playing a key role.

The importance of customer service management in digitalization

Effective customer service is indispensable for ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. This includes so much more than polite emails and a friendly phone call. Rather it’s about delivering a personalized all-round service, engaging with your customers on their terms and resolving customer issues – preferably before they even arise.

This is where customer service management based on IoT and Salesforce Service Cloud comes into its own. Digitalization, especially against the backdrop of Industry 4.0, creates the conditions for a 360-degree customer service on an unprecedented scale. A simple example:

Customer service management without digitalization

Before the days of digitalization and Industry 4.0, customer service was only able to react when the customer notified them of a problem. For the customer service, that meant acting fast to prevent any production outages for the customer. A technician would be sent out to the customer to resolve issues on site. In the worst case, however, the technician might not have the right tools on hand to complete the case in a single visit. This could often lead to production outages, waiting times and rising costs.

Customer service management with digitalization

Boost the efficiency of your service processes step by step as your organisation undergoes its digital transformation. Reduce cost and time input. Intelligent technologies and sensors can be embedded in machines and production equipment, keeping you informed with a continual supply of vital data. As the usage of this information gradually becomes more widespread within the organisation, you can also make it accessible for your customer service management.

Data analytics will put you in a position to expand your service – from a reactive remote one to a proactive remote one, all the way through to the subscription model of x-as-a-service.

Don’t wait until an issue arises before you send service technicians to the customer: Production equipment can provide you with the necessary data to anticipate customer needs and be proactive. The Salesforce Service Cloud is the perfect platform to evaluate the data gained from IoT-connected devices and turn it into a useful resource for your professional customer service.


Salesforce Service Cloud at a glance

Salesforce Service Cloud covers all the requirements of an efficient customer service management. All meaningful data is automatically collected and brought together. Sources include ERP systems, machines, shared knowledge input from technicians, etc.

From lightning consoles to omnichannel routing
Service Cloud offers a range of features for your customer service management that afford you a seamless 360-degree customer service. Examples include the Lightning Service Console for a responsive, customizable layout; Case Management which provides a detailed insight into individual service cases; or omnichannel routing to handle queries independently from the end device.

Which areas is it suitable for?

Salesforce Service Cloud can be deployed in all sectors

Salesforce Service Cloud lends itself especially to SMEs seeking to expand and optimize their customer service. Service Cloud can be deployed profitably in every sector, for instance by industrial enterprises.

What are its advantages?

How Service Cloud sets itself apart from the Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud

While the Sales and Marketing Clouds each bundle the individual knowledge of a single area, Salesforce Service Cloud draws on the data in their entirety. It consolidates diverse data in a single tool and automatically surfaces the information your agents need.

How personalized is the solution?

Salesforce Customer Service is easy to use

Salesforce Customer Service provides a central, unified platform where all meaningful information is visible at a glance. Each agent can personalize the dashboard for their most frequent actions, so they can go straight to the information they need.

From product to subscription model – how digitalization impacts customer service

So you already have a solution in place for your customer service, but you want to tap into the benefits offered by emerging technologies and elevate your customer service to the next level? Your customer service solution is getting outdated and you’re looking for a replacement? Then, with Materna, you‘re in the right place.

Salesforce Service Cloud IoT has opened up new and innovative business fields for services that need to be managed. At the same time IoT is an important entry channel to the service process. With most systems already containing customer data, these need to be integrated with one another. This is the only way to ensure a 360-degree view of your customers and to establish an optimum service process.

A unified customer platform creates a complete 360-degree view of the customer for your field agents and service teams. The customer service management is based on Salesforce Service Cloud. Additional support from digital assistants and automated processes not only saves you work, it creates the conditions for an entirely new level of customer dialogue and interaction. We use agile methods to meet your individual wishes, liaising directly with your user departments and coordinating with your IT organisation.

Customer service, after-sales, sales and marketing in particular are eager to deploy intelligent technologies like machine learning or image and voice recognition. We provide advice and guidance with the following services:

  • business analysis to determine your business requirements and solution-centric use of IT
  • digitalization of customer-facing processes in Salesforce Service Cloud
  • automation of business processes through robotic process automation (RPA)

We supply solutions for, among others

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