user centric management

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user centric management

user centric management (ucm) is Materna's automation tool that enables IT organizations to fully automate standard administration processes using role definitions and workflows. This allows IT organizations to offer users IT services simply and cost-effectively.


What is user centric management?

IT production resources such as applications, servers, storage, networks, clients are increasingly being virtualized. Cloud offerings and the consumerization of IT are increasingly being used for the deployment of services and devices. Instead of reducing complexity, IT landscapes are becoming more heterogeneous again and require the use of many different tools, consoles and experts.

In this context your IT relies on powerful products such as Microsoft System Center or administration tools for Active Directory. They are indispensable in state-of-the-art IT operations. Unfortunately, these products are complex, so the processing of standard processes requires expert knowledge and comprehensive access authorizations.

To avoid the risk of operating errors, Materna has developed user centric management for the IT administration of Microsoft environments.

Scope of services

Unified management of IT resources

user centric management enables the uniform management of the different IT resources. The solution can be operated without any expert knowledge and is consistently developed from the user's point of view. user centric management consists of a basic solution and several modules that can be connected to different target systems. Materna also offers consulting services for process issues, installation, configuration and operation of the solution.


The following modules are available:

  • Device Management
  • Printer Management
  • Software Management
  • User Management
  • Share Management
  • Exchange Management


Your benefits at a glance

  • Faster service delivery
  • Delegation of routine tasks
  • Restricted use of admin rights reduces error rate
  • Auditing and logging
  • Professional image of the IT organization
  • Increase in performance of systems such as Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)

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