Method competence for agile software projects

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Your individual software projects require individual processes.

Method competence for agile software projects

The planning, execution and implementation of software projects requires comprehensive methodological competence. In every project and development situation, we decide on the method and approach that best suits our clients.


Scrum for agile software development

The Scrum process model is used especially in agile software development. New software releases can be created faster, more agile and more efficiently. With the help of Scrum, large requests are broken down into several small user stories, achieving a finely granular prioritization. This ensures that the most important functions are always implemented first. The application of Scrum leads to an intensive cooperation between development and requirements and test management. This shortens release cycles and makes new software available faster. Materna provides support with coaching and consulting in the application of Scrum and uses the process model in software development and project implementation.


Kanban for the greatest possible flexibility in development

Kanban is an agile method for evolutionary change management. In Kanban, all requirements for a software project are divided into the smallest components and also receive a degree of complexity. If it is too large, the requirement is appropriately reduced in size. This makes Kanban a very flexible method with which new requirements can also be met at short notice. Every small step contributes to value creation. The development team focuses on the jobs that generate the greatest possible value in small steps. This leads to a short time-to-market for new requirements. Another advantage is the high transparency of the development progress of the functional requirements, which can be viewed at any time in the Kanban board.

Project Management

Comprehensive project management skills

Materna realizes complex development and IT projects for clients from business and administration. In addition to Scrum and Kanban, our experts apply the project management methods PRINCE2, IPMA/GPM and PMI. Materna is particularly experienced in program and multi-project management. This includes all planning tasks for the overall management, control and management of several content-related projects. In addition, we provide support for tenders, take over the project organization and advise on the project management methodology to be applied. On request, we analyze the maturity level of our customers’ project management and carry out quality audits.


Business Process Management

With the help of our methods for Business Process Management (BPM) Materna takes up current processes in customer projects in detail and structures them in a business-oriented business architecture. Through process analysis, our experts identify optimization potentials and synergies for your business and administration processes in order to make them more effective. The modeling of the optimized processes is the first step to a requirements management that presents the requirements in detail and transparently. Due to the traceable assignment of requirements to the process flow, changes can be reacted to quickly and flexibly. Ultimately, the use of standardized notations, such as Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) or Decision Model and Notation (DMN), contributes significantly to reducing the gap between specialist departments and IT organizations.

Design Thinking

Design thinking facilitates creative processes

In our Design Thinking workshops, we jointly develop ideas and use cases to create new and optimize existing services in an open and active atmosphere together. The objective is to work actively and across the board on shaping and improving your own business. In a second step, developed ideas can be materialized by means of a design sprint for a prototype-like implementation using a hackathon.


Rapid prototyping for quick results

We support you in evaluating innovative technologies and creating first technological prototypes. Within the framework of one- or two-day hackathons, we implement ideas based on rapid prototyping, for example in Design Thinking workshops. Our experts accompany you from the brainstorming to the provision of coaches and premises to the complete implementation of a hackathon with Materna developers.

When are hackathons suitable?
  • Modernization of current processes
  • Generation of competitive advantages on the basis of new technologies
  • Opening up of new markets with innovative services
  • Time-saving evaluation of a new technology
  • Time and cost saving possibility for the analysis of alternative scenarios for the development and provision of IT services
  • Use optimization of existing IT resources