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Service Management

Utilize BMC Helix Service Management for your modern organisation – whether it is operated in the cloud, as a hybrid or in your own data centre.

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BMC Helix - Service Management from the Cloud

Materna delivers everything for the service management technologies from BMC Software from one source – from strategy, process and technology consulting to comprehensive implementation, customizing, training and hosting, as well as communications concepts. Our certified consultants and developers have already successfully implemented hundreds of service management projects. Materna is the worldwide leading partner of BMC Software.

Simplify your complex IT

Digital companies need dynamic service management. The advance of digitalization requires networked, digital services and platforms in hybrid technology environments.

As a long-term Elite Partner, Materna has successfully implemented many hundreds of customer projects with service management products from BMC Software. Many DAX-listed and medium-sized companies and public sector organisations number among our customers. Our expert consultants advise you on strategy, processes and technologies. We take care of the technological implementation and integration and then accompany you with training, maintenance and managed services for your applications in the cloud or on premise.

Our portfolio of services includes the following solutions:

  • BMC Helix ITSM (Next Gen Remedy)
  • BMC Helix Business Workflows
  • BMC Helix Digital Workplace
  • BMC Helix Chatbot
  • BMC Helix Discovery
  • BMC Helix CMDB
  • Remedy ARS (Core)


Service management solution from the cloud

BMC have extended their platform for Digital Service Management with their new BMC Helix Innovation Suite. It is a collaborative cloud-based application development environment (for the cloud of choice: AWS, Azure and BMC Cloud; or for on premise or hybrid operations) and covers everything required of a tool for managing IT processes and IT services. Developers and users in companies can easily use it to create digital service management apps in the cloud.

Our services for the BMC Helix ITSM:

  • Advice on introducing the solution
  • Advice on defining requirements for tool support
  • Development, configuration and adaptations
  • Deployment of the Innovation Suite standards
  • Extending the Innovation Suite standards with parametrizable and re-usable customer components both for the user interface (e.g. diagrams) and business logic (process components)

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BMC Helix Business Workflows

Central workflow engine for all business processes

BMC Helix Business Workflows provide a central workflow engine, which, in addition to the usual IT processes, can also uniformly map other business processes, such as in HR, Finance and Sales. Scalable, managed and automated.

Added values at a glance

  • Provision of predefined workflows which enable workflows to be created and automated without having to write any code
  • Modern case management enabling cases to be created quickly using recommended templates and specialist articles
  • Create user-defined views without having to write code

Materna takes care of consulting, analysis, concept design, implementation and customizing for BMC Helix Business Workflows.

BMC Helix Digital Workplace

Modern self-services for the digital workplace

The BMC Helix Digital Workplace was specially designed with the role of the end user in mind and brings all the relevant functions together at a central point. The user experience is paramount here, handling is self-explanatory. The BMC Helix Digital Workplace is modern and just like the apps end-users are used to using privately. BMC Helix Digital Workplace is a new self-service app which, depending on location, role and settings, finds the answers and tools which staff need here and now.

Added values at a glance

  • Modernize your company with informal enquiries, context-sensitive services and crowdsourcing-based cooperation.
  • Increase your staff productivity by saving the amount of time they spend on technical problems.
  • Decrease support costs by redirecting level one calls to the service desk.
  • Increase customer satisfaction with excellent user-friendliness.
  • Standardize your hardware, software and services from different catalogues.

Services by Materna for the BMC Helix Digital Workplace

  • Consulting services for setting up the service catalogue
  • Advice on setting up the infrastructure as required
  • Support with migrating existing portal solutions

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BMC Helix Chatbot

Fast answers to enquiries or problems

The BMC Helix Chatbot answers users’ enquiries or deals with their problems very quickly. Thanks to the process designer integrated in BMC, simple waterfall dialogues can be implemented easily and conveniently. In BMC, processes of varying levels of complexity can be configured to map the different actions within a dialogue. It is also possible to connect up service catalogue items for product selection. In scenarios such as when a fault message occurs, the chatbot can easily initiate further actions via existing BMC applications. So, the user can also be informed about the status of their ticket.

Materna’s services for the BMC Helix Chatbot

  • Consulting and concept design for application scenarios
  • Development and integration
  • Configuration of the chatbot-engine
  • Connection to cognitive services
  • Provision of modern user interfaces such as Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger
  • Operational support for providing the chatbot engine and service desk from Germany

BMC Helix Discovery

Transparent IT thanks to Discovery

BMC Helix Discovery delivers a comprehensive overview of IT systems and of how they deliver business services. With BMC Helix Discovery, data about data centre inventories, configurations and their relationships to each other are determined automatically and mapped to business applications in the IT infrastructure.

Added values at a glance

  • Minimise the risks that go hand in hand with changes by providing your change advisory board with reliable data about dependencies so as to be able to evaluate the impact of changes.
  • Restore services faster by replacing the dependence on undocumented knowledge with reliable configuration and relationship data.
  • Avoid audit penalties and optimize the hardware and software in data centres.
  • Ensure compliant and secure processes in data centres.
  • Avoid outages of data centre inventories during consolidation, cloud and virtualization projects.

BMC Helix Discovery automatically finds and maintains a complete and up to date directory of data centre inventories and their interrelationships. In this way the precision of the data is guaranteed, and data collection costs are reduced. The viewability of all data centre inventories, their use and the complex interrelationships between the data provides staff in the fields of IT assets, customer service and operations management with the information they need to be able to make the right planning decisions, to manage changes securely and to understand the real costs of provisioning company services.

Materna services for BMC Helix Discovery

  • Concept design for the Discovery infrastructure including dimensioning and architecture
  • Support during rollout of the BMC Helix Discovery Infrastructure
  • Advice on security and data protection
  • Development of specific patterns for generating service models
  • Integration in the BMC Helix CMDB

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Your trusted data source

BMC Helix Discovery automatically recognises inventory, configuration and relationship data in the data centre and maps business applications to the IT infrastructure.

As a key process in the IT, the configuration management depends fundamentally on the quality of the information in the CMDB. This quality can, in the long run, only be ensured by means of highly automated maintenance of the CIs and their links. This automated maintenance is dependent on providing data completely and correctly. This is taken care of by Helix Discovery as an agentless discovery tool for data centres with a high level of integration in the BMC Helix CMDB.

BMC Helix Discovery provides information about who is using which CIs in the company and the relationship the CIs have to each other. This makes it much easier to carry out a cause analysis if faults occur. BMC Helix Discovery acts as the Trusted Data Source for data centres.

Materna delivers consulting services, analysis, concept design, implementation, customizing and migrations for BMC Helix Discovery.

Remedy ARS (Core)

Flexible Workflow Management System

Remedy ARS (Core) is an integrated workflow management system by BMC Software which is operated on premise. Materna offers the following services for this:

  • Implementation projects for BMC Remedy ARS solutions
  • Further development of BMC Remedy (Build) ARS solutions
  • Advice on architecture and operations for (large) ARS installations
  • Scrum methodology for ARS projects
  • Performance tuning, health checks and fault analysis for ARS installations
  • Upgrade from Remedy solutions to the latest ARS versions
  • Platform changes for ARS installations (operating system, databases)
  • Test management for Remedy ARS solutions

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