Sustainable IT operations with BMC Software

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IT Operations firmly under Control

Control the operation processes in your cloud environments efficiently and succeed in transforming yourselves into a digital service provider with your IT.

Sustainable IT operations with BMC Software

Put your IT operations in a position to deliver fast, secure and cost-effective services. Materna delivers a full range of high-performance solutions for automation and orchestration – in on premise data centres, private cloud applications or public cloud resources.

Data centres form the core of all IT. Data centre services must run smoothly and independently so that the IT can deliver transparent, fast and high-quality services. The key to this is automation and orchestration.

Materna delivers an integrated automation and orchestration concept which is set up to achieve sustainability. We design either individually automated supply chains within existing IT silos or offer a complete cloud stack which can be spread across all the silos in an IT organisation. Our BMC-certified automation and orchestration experts make use of a full range of tools and skills. This enables your IT to act quickly and efficiently and to generate the greatest possible added value for your business.

Our portfolio for your IT operations includes the following solutions from BMC Software:

  • TrueSight Operations Management
  • TrueSight Cloud Security
  • TrueSight Cloud Cost Control
  • TrueSight Orchestration
  • TrueSight Server Automation
  • Control-M

TrueSight Operations Management

Machine learning and pattern recognition support IT operations

BMC TrueSight is an AIOps platform based on machine learning and analyses. With BMC TrueSight you can optimize your IT operations and improve the quality and performance of your digital services. The solution has been designed for hybrid and multi-cloud environments. TrueSight analyses data from monitoring, service desk and infrastructure (on premise, private and public clouds) and deploys automated analyses to predict performance problems. IT organisations can use this to speed up cause analyses, distribute capacities dynamically and reduce the MTTR (Mean Time To Recover).

Key functions

  • Machine-learning-based, dynamic pattern recognition
  • Proactive identification of problems and solution suggestions
  • Dynamic management of capacities and public cloud cost management
  • Digital experience and application performance management

TrueSight Cloud Security

Find and remedy security and compliance problems at an early stage

BMC TrueSight Cloud Security is an SaaS-based service with a flexible architecture using configurable connectors and extendable rules. Security evaluations and remedies for potential threats for public cloud services such as e.g. AWS and Azure are already considered during development (DevOps approach) so changes can be made before release. Compliance, security and governance can still be enabled, even against the backdrop of new, non-influenceable components such e.g. Docker Container and AWS Cloud Trial.

TrueSight Cloud Cost Control

Dynamic management of capacities and public cloud cost management

With the help of BMC TrueSight Cloud Cost Control, you can take control over your multi-cloud environments. TrueSight delivers an overview of current and predicted costs on a monthly and yearly basis. Generally, a wide variety of views of cloud resources (e.g. costs, benefits) are categorised and visualized.

This tool carries out cost-comparisons for on premise and cloud costs, identifies resources which can be run more cheaply in the cloud and looks for the most suitable cloud services to suit its own needs for resources. The most expensive resources applications and services are also displayed, such as how deviating utilization behaviour impacts on costs and which resources are not utilized. This makes it possible to optimize capacity utilization and costs on the basis of “What-if” analyses.

You can save costs while achieving optimal resources utilization and are given the most important information for management at a glance.

TrueSight Orchestration

Connecting IT silos processes

Creating a fully automated environment requires a kind of “glue” which connects up the processes in the individual IT silos. This is where BMC TrueSight Orchestration comes in. BMC TrueSight Orchestration is an IT process automation tool which generates workflows across applications, platforms and individual tools. This ability allows different processes to be joined up and to form a fully automated platform in the final stage.

Materna can help you with
  • observing the current process automation and the necessary interfaces
  • defining requirements and use cases
  • designing workflows for process automation
  • transforming workflows into live operations

BMC TrueSight Orchestration enables the IT organisation to generate a uniform interface landscape. This can then substantialy speed up the development and deployment of new solutions. The prefabricated run-book enables BMC TrueSight Orchestration to generate very fast results. This takes up fewer resources and enables interim solutions so that agile projects can also receive optimal support.

Characteristics of BMC TrueSight Orchestration
  • visualized user interface for process design
  • architecture based on open standards
  • process monitoring
  • integration framework for quickly connecting up third party products
  • pre-built content

TrueSight Server Automation

Automation in the data centre

BMC TrueSight server automation manages tasks across the entire data centre environment. It doesn’t matter whether you operate a traditional data centre, you’re already running applications in the cloud or you are about to move in this direction. BMC TrueSight server automation puts IT organisations in full control of metrics such as speed, performance and security at all times.

Materna will assist you with
  • the analysis of your current landscape and use cases within the scope of the automation
  • designing a sustainable and efficient automation process
  • planning the necessary steps for transition or introduction
  • the implementation and integration of use cases

BMC TrueSight server automation lends itself to a vast range of application areas, and a well-conceived implementation should extend far beyond the mere provision of servers.

Advantages of BMC TrueSight server automation
  • Intelligent compliance: fully automated compliance testing and remediation
  • SecOps: Vulnerability scans by Qualys© or Nessus© detect and map security breaches, enabling IT organisations to close critical gaps anywhere in their landscape at the touch of a button.
  • Multivendor patch management
  • Configuration management
  • Operational governance through control and integration of open source tools like Puppet, Chef and Docker

BMC Control-M

Workload Automation

BMC Control M automates workloads on all systems and applications, in the public or private cloud, in your own data centre, or everywhere at once. To do this, Control-M generates and monitors the workflows on all your systems from a uniform checkpoint. Its scheduling system allows you to control processes in a certain sequence, to a defined schedule and on specific calendar dates across various systems and platforms. In this way, Control-M tool provides IT managers with a uniform view of their heterogeneous system landscape. As a BMC Platinum Partner, Materna will assist you in implementing Control-M as a centralized automation tool across your company.

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