Starting with Blockchain

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A digital ledger for all

Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize entire industries. Get involved.

Starting with Blockchain

Based on Blockchain technology, new applications and new business models can be developed. Security against manipulation and corruption through encryption and access management, as well as more transparency, cost reduction through more effective processes and better data availability. Blockchain offers new approaches to various fields of application in companies and public authorities. Materna offers information and support in the evaluation of Blockchain for organizations.

Consulting and workshops

Consulting and innovation workshops for Blockchain

Materna is a pioneer in the field of Blockchain-based process optimization and actively supports companies in the evaluation of Blockchain for their organization.

Materna's Innovation Center builds up technology know-how on select relevant innovation topics and develops use cases and potential business models. On the basis of this know-how, we conduct innovation workshops. These workshops support you in exploring the topic of Blockchain, depending on market maturity.

In the first step, we introduce the innovation topic and explain its functionality, the basic added value scenarios and general use cases of Blockchain. Based on this, we work with you to consider use cases and added values relevant to your company. The aim is to assess whether and how a trend is individually relevant for your organization.

We also hold innovation workshops on cognitive computing and artificial intelligence.

Use cases

Chances and potentials of Blockchain technology

Security against manipulation and corruption, more transparency, cost reduction through more effective processes and better data availability. Blockchain offers approaches to various fields of application in companies and authorities:

  • Real-time payment peer-to-peer
  • Smart contracts
  • Supply chain control with digital passports for a transparent traceable origin and composition of complex products – in the area of production and supply chain management
  • Audit-proof archiving in file and document management
  • Data exchange without media discontinuity
  • Comprehensive electronic identity management
  • Management of property rights (land register, rights to digital works)
  • Forgery-proof and transparent execution of notarial services such as notarizations and transfers of rights
  • Establishment of tamper-proof management systems and e-voting systems for elections

The core benefit is seen above all in the optimization of processes with regard to transparency, security and speed. Many types of information can be exchanged directly, quickly and cheaply – without intermediaries – whether financial transactions, contracts or documents.

Fields of use will be in payment transactions and contracts in particular. Smart contracts based on Blockchain are automatically able to execute individual contract provisions due to pre-programming. For example, an order can be billed automatically once it has been completed – once the pre-programmed destination has been reached, the payment is executed. Smart Contracts could automate entire business areas.

As Blockchain will gain in importance in the future, companies should look at possible solutions for their own organization at an early stage, systematically monitor developments in the realm of Blockchain and gather experience and expertise in order to secure themselves a pioneering position.

Blockchain Lab

Materna's Blockchain Lab

In Materna's Blockchain Lab, ideas are developed and subsequently converted into prototypes in collaboration with our customers. Materna develops use cases in Design Thinking Workshops, implements them in agile implementation sessions such as hackathons and tests the prototype together with customers. Materna develops applications for the Blockchain platforms Ethereum and Hyperledger.

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