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Content Management

We deliver perfectly integrated content management solutions and hosting from one hand.

Content management systems

Whether B2B, B2C, association or public client: We realize complete web and CMS projects for all industries: from concept to operation.

Full service for your web and CMS projects

Materna is your full-service provider for the implementation of enterprise CMS solutions and a certified partner of the leading CMS technology providers e-Spirit AG (FirstSpirit) and CoreMedia. Our services range from the conception and implementation of web and CMS projects at all project stages to data migration, training and support. With our Managed Service, we offer you a high-performance infrastructure for your applications and manage your services including creation and design, professional software and service integration, hosting, administration, maintenance and support.


FirstSpirit Advanced Partner

FirstSpirit is a content management system with which the highly complex requirements of digital transformation can be successfully implemented. FirstSpirit offers decisive advantages: It can be integrated quickly and seamlessly into existing IT structures, has high usability and is very powerful. The new CaaS (Content as a Service) software provides a simplified way to distribute content to any digital touchpoint. As an implementation and technology partner, Materna has been successfully implementing projects with FirstSpirit since 2010.

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CoreMedia CMS

Platinum Partner and Certified Partner

Materna has been an established Platinum Partner and Certified Partner of CMS specialist CoreMedia since 2003. Our numerous certified employees have extensive know-how in CoreMedia Studio and CoreMedia BluePrint technologies. A large number of CoreMedia projects provide a comprehensive knowledge pool for the design, implementation, rollout and operation of the solutions. Materna regularly acts as general contractor in projects and is also responsible for and coordinates all project partners such as agencies, hosting providers and the manufacturer itself.

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Government Site Builder

Content management for federal authorities

The Government Suite Builder (GSB) is the federal administration's content management solution (CMS) with special solution modules for public administration in Germany. Materna has already implemented more than 200 productive web presences bases on GSB. As an Enterprise CMS, GSB contains all functions for a modern and user-friendly web presence including efficient editorial workflows: Responsive website layout, customizable modules, high-performance search engine, intuitive operating concepts in the web editor, chatbot integration and much more.

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International brand portal for SSI SCHAEFER

International brand portal for SSI SCHAEFER

As part of a new digital strategy, SSI SCHAEFER fundamentally revised its Internet presence: Following the relaunch, the website now offers customers a central digital touchpoint and is also the basis for its new brand positioning and communication strategy. With specific information on markets and solutions, the website guides the user quickly and specifically through available intralogistics solutions.

Materna created the new corporate website based on the CoreMedia content management system (CMS). Important requirements of the relaunch were the implementation of the internationalization strategy and multilingualism. Materna has developed a plug-in for interface-based data exchange between CoreMedia and Digital Asset Management Celum for the integration of documents, images and videos. The plug-in makes the media maintained via Celum available in CoreMedia fully automatically and always up-to-date.

Materna is also responsible for hosting the corporate site in its own data center and supported the migration of content to the new CMS.

Automotive sales portal

Mercedes-Benz Vertrieb Deutschland portal

A new dealer portal at Mercedes Benz Vertrieb Deutschland has improved communication between the headquarters and the sales and service branches.

This automotive producer has a central content management system (CMS) for the communication between the headquarters and its dealerships and branches. Materna based the technical design of the new retail portal on the CMS from FirstSpirit and implemented it in the context of an agile development project within around six months. They prepared for the introduction of the new editing system by providing an intensive training programme for editors as well as migration activities. Application management and monitoring round this services package off.

After going live, Materna assessed the content design of various maintained contents in the portal by carrying out content reviews according to heuristic analysis criteria and made specific recommendations for optimizations. Materna also collected requirements in the context of concept-design workshops and advised the customer on how to use the retail portal for further sales units and to continue its development.

If you have any questions please get in touch with Steffen Schlumberger ( and Stefan Kockrick ( They are always pleased to help.

Rohde & Schwarz brand portal

Rohde & Schwarz brand portal

Founded more than 80 years ago, the technology group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of measurement, information and communication technology for professional users.

Within the framework of an agile development project, Materna is further developing the Group website on the basis of FirstSpirit. The starting point was based on complex FirstSpirit templates, some of which were customized.

The further development and implementation of new requirements are aimed at improving usability, increasing the performance of the site and increasing the satisfaction of website visitors.

For this purpose, coding guidelines were established in order to make optimum use of the FirstSpirit content management system. In addition, the existing templates and output channels were consolidated. In order to keep the CMS updatable, individual code constructs were removed and FirstSpirit standards were established.

Materna's development team implements defined user stories within the framework of an agile fixed-price offer. For this purpose, Scrum guidelines as well as the agile procedure were implemented at the customer to ensure an optimal course of the development project.