Internet of Things

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Internet of Things

Developing business processes and new markets using Materna’s technology know-how.

Internet of Things

With technologies around the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-2-Machine Communication (M2M), you open up completely new markets through innovative business models and develop new, partly disruptive business processes. Analyze and visualize your IoT data in the cloud and gain new insights for your business processes. Based on cloud-based IoT solutions (e.g. AWS IoT Platform or Azure IoT Suite), even complex control and monitoring mechanisms can be implemented and your acquired data can be integrated directly into the individual application context.

Consulting services and prototyping

Digitalization makes new business models possible. The Internet of Things networks your devices, machines and processes. With our IoT consulting and development services, you optimize the operation and maintenance of your equipment. We offer you a full service package of business process analysis, technology consulting, development of prototypes and concept studies, feasibility studies, cloud integration, visualization and software development.

Business models

Development of new business models

New technologies help you to diversify your product portfolio. Simply offer your customers new services and products or precisely billable pay-per-use contracting services. This increases customer loyalty, increases customer satisfaction and provides new arguments for winning new customers. Modern M2M technologies and (cloud-based) IoT platforms offer comprehensive possibilities for data collection, visualization and archiving. Correctly evaluated (e.g. by means of deep learning), the information obtained in this manner provides you with important insights into your customers' requirements for your products.

Our experts advise you on the development of new business models and new business processes with the help of IoT and M2M


Increase your degree of automation

IoT and M2M help you achieve higher levels of automation by increasing process availability and quality while reducing costs. The level of documentation increases, so that you benefit from automatically generated statistics and automatic contract monitoring. Materna's monitoring and localization solutions and individual software solutions (e.g. for visualization and evaluation) contribute to strategic sales optimization.


Maintenance of machines and systems

Innovative technologies ensure a smooth maintenance process for your machines and systems. Increase your machine availability, reduce downtime, expand machine functions and reduce costs at the same time. Materna's monitoring and localization solutions are designed to actively control machine operation, increase safety and respond immediately to incidents.

Cloud-based software development

Evaluation and visualization of data, transfer into business processes

The interpretation of data provides comprehensive insights into optimization, improvement and innovation. Added value can be achieved, for instance, in customer interaction and sales, to improve throughput times and availability, or in continuous product development.

Materna can help you develop a holistic software solution to meet your needs. Our focus is on gathering information and visualizing your data and its usability for your organization. This includes modern technologies such as Machine and Deep Learning as well as innovative cloud services such as serverless computing, data lakes, data pipelines and various BI suites.