Internet of Things

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Materna’s technical know-how will enable you to further develop your business processes and open up new markets.

Internet of Things

Analyse and visualize your data obtained from IoT in the cloud and gain new insights for your business processes. You can integrate this data directly into your individual application context. As an AWS Consulting Partner, we advise and support customer-oriented departments such as Customer Service, After Sales and Marketing so that they get the most out of their data with the help of AWS-based IoT solutions.

Get the most out of your data

Crisp Research analysts name Big Data as one of the main drivers for the public cloud. Data plays an important role in optimising business processes. The quality and quantity of data is crucial. Big Data is the buzzword for professional data acquisition, collection and analysis. When using IoT technologies, sensors collect the data directly at the devices or systems. Only machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) methods are capable of evaluating the data so that you get the most out of it. This leads to a myriad of possible IoT use cases: for example, for the maintenance of machines and components or for information acquisition and provision, such as to contain dangerous traffic situations. AWS is a leader in “Data Management Solutions for Analytics” (source: Gartner).

Evaluation and visualization of data and transfer to business processes

Deep insights can be gained from the interpretation of data for optimisation, improvement and innovation. Thus, achieving added value, for example, in the context of customer interaction and sales, with improved throughput times and availability or continuous product development.

Materna will support you in developing a holistic software solution that meets your requirements. Our focus is on information retrieval, the visualization of your data and the usability of this data for your organisation. We use modern technologies such as Machine and Deep Learning as well as innovative cloud services such as Serverless Computing, Data Lakes, Data Pipelines and various BI suites. We offer you a full-service package consisting of business process analysis, technology consulting, development of prototypes and concept studies, feasibility studies, cloud integration, visualization and software development.