Operations Manager i delivers a Central View of all your Operating Data

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Operations Manager i delivers a Central View of all your Operating Data

Dynamic infrastructures, the cloud, and self services mean IT services and operating environments are becoming increasingly complex and are changing quickly. This is making it more and more difficult to get a full overview of how healthy your IT services are. At the same time, users expect to have faster and more long-lasting solutions for the problems that arise.


Operations Manager i

  • Central view of all operating data
  • Consulting, implementation and adaptations for monitoring processes
  • Integration in service management processes with Service Manager, UCMDB / Discovery
  • Automatic fault repair with Runbook-Automation Operations Orchestration
  • Event-correlation (cause-effect)
  • Configuration of reporting or SLA-monitoring


Comprehensive monitoring solutions

  • Agentless monitoring with SiteScope
  • Agent-based monitoring with Operations Agents
  • End-to-end-monitoring with LoadRunner or realtime user monitoring
  • Cloud environment monitoring with Cloud Optimizer
  • Network infrastructure monitoring with NNMi


Comprehensive consulting and implementation services

  • Strategic consulting
  • Advice on how to adapt customer processes to the tools
  • Advice on how to use the tools in the manufacturer’s standard format
  • Architecture consulting
  • Implementation and customization of tools
  • Implementation of interfaces and integration in the customer environment
  • Administration and operation of the solutions
  • Support including manufacturer support
  • Operation as an on-premise managed service and in the Materna data centre
  • Training courses

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