Solutions for Micro Focus Technologies

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Solutions for Micro Focus Technologies

For hybrid infrastructures, Materna offers customized consulting and implementation services based on the market-leading software products from Micro Focus.

Combine Smart IT and Big Data in your agile IT

We have a well-trained Competence Center for Micro Focus products. Our experts have extensive knowledge and project experience in the areas of cloud service automation and IT service management with big data technologies as well as automation and orchestration. This includes frameworks such as ITIL and FitSM as well as frameworks for enterprise architectures such as TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) and IT4IT. Materna is a member of the Micro Focus Partner Program. With Micro Focus innovations, IT processes become analytical, inherently automated and collaborative, and your IT becomes faster, smarter and more responsive.

IT service management

Smart and agile IT service management solutions

With IT service management you set up your IT as a modern service provider and systematize the entire lifecycle of your IT services:

  • Strategic consulting
  • Introduction and professional adaptation of HPE ITSM solutions from Micro Focus
  • Alignment of existing processes with the standard processes of HPE tools from Micro Focus
  • Future-proof consulting for process adjustments
  • Architecture consulting
  • Implementation and project management based on Materna best practices
  • Implementation of interfaces and integration into customer environments
  • Administration and operation of solutions
  • Training and GoLive support incl. manufacturer support
  • Operation both as managed service and in Materna’s data center

Cloud management and automation

Take advantage of a hybrid cloud environment

With cloud management and automation, you create the basis for automated, agile IT that acts as a modern service broker. Especially for Micro Focus's HPE Cloud Service Automation (CSA) Materna offers its own solution with the Cloud Management Platform (HPE Edition). This includes a strategic architectural consulting and implementation approach to introduce Micro Focus's HPE solution in a modular and step-by-step manner. Materna’s solution includes ready-made implementation tools for easy and fast implementation as well as a universally configurable drop-down menu creation for all data sources, such as databases, LDAP, REST Webservice and SOAP. Materna’s solution also includes test simulation tools, for example for the automated order simulation of services for test purposes. Our know-how extends far beyond HPE technologies and also includes know-how about BMC, ServiceNow, OpenStack, Puppet, Chef and many more.

Configuration management and discovery

Tuning for your data center

With configuration management and discovery, you improve the database and data quality for the automation of your data center:

  • Strategic consulting
  • Advice on adapting your processes and CI types to the tools
  • Advice on the use of tools close to the manufacturer's standard
  • Advice on the sensible adaptation of tools
  • Architecture consultation
  • Implementation and adaptation of tools
  • Implementation of interfaces and integration into your IT landscape
  • Administration and operation of solutions
  • Support incl. manufacturer support
  • Operation as a managed service on site
  • Training

Our expertise

Special expertise in the following product lines

  • HPE Cloud Service Automation
  • HPE Operations Orchestration
  • HPE Service Manager incl. Smart Analytics
  • HPE ITSMA and ITSMA-X Suite
  • HPE UCMDB and Universal Discovery
  • HPE Asset Manager
  • HPE Vertica

Our services

Services for HPE technologies at a glance

  • Technical concept design
  • Project management
  • Development of solutions architectures
  • Development of interface architectures
  • Implementation and customizing