Smart solutions for the entire IT value chain

Industry 4.0 – the seamless merging of information, communication, automation and production technologies with the aim of creating a Smart Factory – has become a major topic of discussions among industrial manufacturing companies.

One important aspect of Industry 4.0 is the Internet of Things, the connection of machines and systems to create intelligent networks along the entire value chain that can exchange information between one another autonomously by using machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. So, for example, the mechanic servicing your car knows exactly what parts are needed for a repair because the car computer communicates any faults to an off-board diagnostic tool at the garage.

Such processes are possible only with the creation of interfaces between the wide variety of systems involved, but also a standardization of processes and the integration of extremely diverse data sets in a system. But these are challenges that existed even before Industry 4.0, having first arisen as an issue during Industry 3.0, the era of the digital revolution.

Materna has been helping its customers to meet the technology-driven challenges of modern industrial manufacturing for many years. Here are some of our achievements so far:

  • implementation of a web-based service portal for the global distribution of service information at the agricultural machinery manufacturer, CLAAS
  • improvement in the quality and effectiveness of ITSM processes with configuration management at the automotive manufacturer, Continental
  • a standardized global rollout of applications in the data centre with application release management at Daimler
  • a reduction in after-sales lead times with a web-based self-service portal at MAN Truck & Bus
  • connecting two service ticket systems from different vendors into a single integrated system at Siemens Healthcare