IT service solutions - assembly line style

The expansion of data services and cloud-based services will become an increasingly important issue for the IT sector over the coming years. The combination of cloud software services and traditional on-premise services, in particular, poses entirely new challenges for IT service management. At the same time IT departments will be confronted with different expectations: today’s users want IT that is fast, flexible and easy to access. Few people will accept complicated and arduous processes these days. Ideally services should be available as quickly as a download from iTunes and as easy to order as a book from Amazon. And it goes without saying that the quality should not be undermined by this simplicity and speed of provision.

The result is a scenario that other sectors of industry have found themselves confronted with. The answer has been industrial production, wherever possible characterized by a high degree of standardization and process automation, with the ultimate goal of achieving consistently high quality. This principle still applies: by borrowing methods from industrial production and applying them to the provision of IT services, the IT factory has evolved.

Transforming classic IT provision into an IT factory encompasses almost every aspect of the process, from strategy and design, through automatic provisioning, to monitoring and the dynamic adjustment of IT services on the basis of defined service catalogues. A key challenge lies in standardizing the service processes so that they can be orchestrated and automated across silo boundaries.

For 35 years Materna has been a qualified partner for the professional provision and management of IT services, and counts many renowned companies and IT service provider among its customers. Using established technologies like virtualization, automation and IT service management we help our customers to address the challenges of providing professional IT services and implementing the IT factory.