E-Judiciary for complete electronic process handling

Challenges currently facing the judicial administration include new regulations specified in the “Act to promote electronic legal communication with the courts of law” and the “E-Government Act” passed by the federal and regional governments.

With these regulations in mind, Materna implements professional IT and specialist projects for the judiciary at national and regional level in the following areas:

  • e-government
  • electronic legal communication
  • electronic file management and document management
  • specialist procedures, development of applications and forms management
  • portal solutions and websites
  • IT management and IT strategy consulting

Our customers

Materna has established itself as a longstanding partner of the judicial administration at national and regional level, having proven its suitability and expertise in a wide range of projects.

Below is a selection of our customers:

  • Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection
  • Federal Office of Justice
  • Federal Court of Justice
  • Federal Social Court
  • Federal Constitutional Court
  • Ministry of Justice of every federal state in Germany
  • Ministère de la Justice, Luxembourg