Optimized services for your target audience

Probably the fastest changing area of IT with the most visible influence on our day-to-day existence is the telecommunications sector. A whole generation has never known life without email, texting or multimedia messaging. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and YouTube have become a normal part of our daily lives.

Telecommunications are playing a major role in more and more areas: we use our smartphones for shopping and cashless payment, for job hunting, or simply for winding down with a game.

And, of course, the latest developments go one step further – from personalized smart videos for effective customer communication, to remote-control home automation, and even smart cities.

Materna‘s services in the telecommunications environment cover the entire spectrum. Whereas the user is interested first and foremost in appealing, easy-to-use services, what counts behind the scenes is a seamless processes landscape that can handle tasks efficiently and effectively. We therefore focus on consulting services, development and implementation. Our customers include telecommunications companies and MVNOs, financial institutes, retailers and local councils, rail operators and transport companies in Germany and across Europe.