Hamburg Airport extends automated bag-drop

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Hamburg Airport extends automated bag-drop

Materna successfully implements biggest ever self bag drop installation at a German airport

location Dortmund, Date 2019.05.29

Hamburg Airport has written the next chapter of its success story in the field of automated bag drop by extending their self bag drop facility in April 2019. The airport has had a strong focus on delivering convenient and fast passenger handling for many years. Their latest new installation puts them right at the forefront of airports in Germany when it comes to self bag drop. Passengers can now drop off their luggage all on their own at a total of 20 automated kiosks.

HAM chooses Materna Intelligent Passenger Solutions (IPS)

After implementing their first self bag drop kiosks from Materna IPS in Terminal 1 at the end of 2017, Hamburg Airport has now installed another 10 units for automated bag drop as well as eight self check-in kiosks. Passengers of Eurowings, KLM, Air France and easyJet, as well as the Lufthansa Group including Swiss and Austrian Airlines, can all use the kiosks. Other airlines such as Turkish Airlines and SAS have also expressed an interest. Materna IPS carried out the installation successfully and now also takes care of the complete service and database structure.

Common Use Software sets the scene for passenger growth

The kiosks that have been installed are equipped with Materna’s well-established Common Use Platform (CUSS), which makes it possible to integrate several airlines all on one device. The software is deployed successfully around the world on a range of different hardware platforms. It is based on the IATA standards that over the years have proven their worth in the airline industry. Materna is still working continuously to help develop these standards further.

Fast and secure bag drop

The user-friendly self bag drop solution at Hamburg Airport ensures there is fast interaction and a secure bag drop process. In the current phase more than 2000 pieces of baggage are handled by the self bag drop system every day, and this number will increase successively as more and more airlines join in. The bags that are handed in at the self bag drop units are automatically classified, measured and weighed and then the appropriate bag tag is printed out. The low error rate means operational reliability is very high. Passengers have welcomed the new automated processes with open arms: the kiosks work independently of any check-in desk opening times and using them is really intuitive..

Picture material

Self Bag Drop Hamburg Airport, ©Michael Penner Self Bag Drop Hamburg Airport, ©Michael Penner Self Bag Drop Hamburg Airport, ©Michael Penner Source: Michael Penner

Self Bag Drop Hamburg Airport, ©Michael Penner Self Bag Drop Hamburg Airport, ©Michael Penner Self Bag Drop Hamburg Airport, ©Michael Penner Source: Michael Penner

Hamburg Airport

Every year more than 17 million passengers pass through Hamburg Airport making it the fifth largest airport in Germany. Passengers have a wide ranging network of routes to choose from: 140 national and international direct destinations are served by around 70 airlines. With the regions of Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein as well as parts of Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Denmark all in close proximity, Hamburg Airport has a very large catchment area, providing a lot of potential passengers for all types of airlines. Hamburg Airport is getting equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure ready to face the challenges of air travel in the future. The airport site is home to around 15,000 employees based in almost 250 different companies (with around 2,000 staff working at the airport alone). This partially privatized airport Is owned by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, which holds 51 percent, and AviAlliance GmbH which has a 49 percent interest.

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