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Create compelling user experiences

Digital experience for targeted, media-based communication in all sectors of business and public administration

Digital Experience

Sales, marketing and service expect more differentiation and success through customer proximity. New products and campaigns flood the market every day, and hardly any of them are remembered by customers in the long term. We develop forward-looking projects around the customer life cycle and create sustainable, digital customer experiences. We realize digital experience projects for clients from business and public administration.

Digital experience for targeted, media-based communication

Companies have to be mindful not to lose sight of their own target customers’ needs. We conceive projects for our clients that are forward-looking and create lasting digital customer experiences in all things related to the customer lifecycle. We assist you with designing a concept, as well as with the practical and technical implementation of your new digital marketing and sales strategies for every stage of the customer journey.

We enhance the customer journey with the latest technologies such as chatbots, personalised videos, virtual studios, digital signage, augmented and virtual reality. We advise you from start to finish, devise customer acquisition and loyalty programmes, take care of the technical implementation of your projects and incorporate user-centred UI/UX design. You too can benefit from our digital experience know-how in all our focus areas.


Our services for your acquisition process

Lead Database

  • An enterprise-wide database for capturing leads
  • Run traceable campaigns with your leads
  • Highest security for your data

Online Shop Management

  • An online sales platform for your products
  • Not having to deal with store management
  • Optimize your conversion


Our services for your onboarding process

Welcome Cycle

  • Increase the use of your products
  • Activate customers

Personalized Video Tutorials

  • Familiarize customers and employees with new products
  • Welcome new employees to the company

Service / Support

Our services for service and support

Personalized Invoice Video

  • Explain your own bill to your customers
  • Reduce calls to your hotline
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Highest security for your data


  • 24/7 customer service
  • Faster response times for service requests
  • High response quality through artificial intelligence

Satisfaction Surveys

  • Conduct representative online surveys
  • Live survey results
  • Highest security for your data

Further development / Up- & X-Sell

Our services for further development as well as Up- and X-Sell

Gamification Concepts

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Obtain consulting consent (EU-GDPR)
  • Increase quality of your email address data

Personalised Inlife Campaigns

  • Run personalised CRM campaigns
  • Send SMS/MMS/E-Mails

Voucher/Goodie Campaigns

  • Award digital vouchers, goodies or promotions
  • Avoid Fraud

Member get Member

  • Reward customers for their referrals
  • Avoid Fraud

Customer loyalty

Our services for your customer loyalty processes

Loyalty Programs

  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Encourage customers to increase their use of your products

Digital Contract Renewal

  • Complement existing contract renewal channels with the online channel
  • Send personalized contract renewal offers to your customers
  • Increase your conversion

Personalized Loyalty Video

  • Increase your customers' loyalty
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Retention / Prevention

Our services for retention and prevention

Personalized Winback

  • Complement existing winback channels with the online channel
  • Send personalized offers in the context of customer winback
  • Increase your conversion

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