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Push digital transformation – using Materna and Amazon Web Services.

Amazon Web Services

Materna successfully uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to implement digital transformation solutions.

Strategic cloud competence for digital transformation

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides on-demand IT infrastructure and higher-value services. These include virtual servers in the cloud (EC2), Managed Cubernetes Cluster (EKS), but also combinations of higher-value services such as the Amazon Mobile Hub for developing mobile applications, as well as services from the areas of databases, big data, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things.

Materna is an AWS consulting partner with a focus on AWS competencies for IoT, mobile devices, migration, DevOps and big data and offers agile application development in these fields. Our portfolio is rounded off by managed services for solutions in the Amazon Cloud.

Materna regularly organizes hackathons and other events on the topic of AWS.

Our services based on AWS

  • Architecture consuling
  • Consulting and conception
  • Migration to AWS

    • Roll-out of an existing infrastructure into the cloud (Lift & Shift)
    • Optimization of the existing infrastructure with roll-out into the cloud (Lift & Reshape)
    • Redesign of parts of the application to use higher quality services (Decouple & Rewrite)
  • Replacement of existing applications by Cloud-native development (Replace)
  • New development taking into account the advantages of available cloud services
  • Managed Services for productive Cloud infrastructures
  • Development of chatbots and voicebots (e.g. Amazon Alexa)
  • Development of IoT, Big Data and AI solutions
  • Application Cloud Readiness Check

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